Student Spotlight: Randy Paulson

Randy Paulson is not like most millennial news consumers; the Simpson junior actually prefers to get his news from a printed source rather than online or social media.

Paulson is an avid news consumer, considering he studies multimedia journalism. A staff reporter for The Simpsonian, he is also a Culver Fellow, Simpson Feminist Club member, research liaison for Active Minds, and work-study for the help desk.

Actively involved on campus, Paulson continues to project his professional development on and off campus through experiences. Continue reading to find out how he has used his Simpson experiences to promote himself and his plans for the future!

  1. What is your favorite memory from the Multimedia Communications Department? My favorite memories from the Multimedia Communications Department come from working with the rest of The Simpsonian staff members during layout nights. Even though these nights can be long, we always end up having a good time hanging out while getting the paper put together.
  2. How have the classes in this department helped you in your professional development? The classes in the MultiComm Department have been instrumental in helping me develop the skills I need as a journalist in the 21st century. I’ve not only learned how to research, write and edit traditional newspaper stories but also how to produce high-quality video news packages and how to use social media to engage with an audience. I’ve also learned the history of media evolution in the U.S. as well as the legal and ethical framework that guides media professionals today.
  3. Any internships? I’ve had two internships during my time at Simpson: I interned at the the Iowa House of Representatives spring semester of my freshman year, and I currently intern at Iowa’s National Alliance on Mental Illness. This summer, I will also be interning at the N’West Iowa Review in Sheldon, IA as a reporter.
  4. Post graduate plans? I still don’t have any set plans for after I graduate from Simpson but will probably focus on pursuing a full-time job in the communications field.