A day in the life of a Simpson student in Tahiti from Kai’olu DeFries

By: Kai’olu DeFries


3h – Roosters begin to crow.

4h – Les travaux (road construction) ends.

4h30 – Daily traffic begins.

5h30 – Sunrise.

6h – Alarm goes off.

6h30 – Breakfast.

7h30 – Walk to Horizons Francophones (the French language school) in hot sun.

7h45 – Arrive at Horizons Francophones. 

8h15 – Class starts

10h – Class ends. Take advantage of AC and Wifi before heading to UPF (the university).

10h15 – Walk to bus stop near the market.

10h45 – If we’re lucky, the bus will come in at least half an hour. But a typical bus wait is longer than an hour.

11h – Lunch at the “Restaurant” at UPF. Try to take advantage of the Wifi, but more often than not things take forever to load.

12h – UPF class begins.

13h – UPF class ends. Program director Jan’s class begins.

14h30-15h – Jan’s class ends.

15h – If the bus comes before everyone gets out of class we can make it on. If not, we wait another 30 minutes to an hour for the next bus.

16h – Down time back at the foyer. Handwash and hang dry laundry.

18h30 – Start dinner. Likely meals: chili, pasta, lentils, or fish. We save the roulottes (food trucks) for Fridays.

20h – Clean up and head upstairs. Les travaux begins outside the foyer.

20h30 – Shower.

21h – Bedtime.