Morgan Frideres: Iowa Conference of the United Methodist Church

What is your work environment like?

Both the environment and supervisor were very personable and kind, so it was a comfortable atmosphere to learn and grow in. They didn’t have me there just to do grunt work; they were very invested in helping me learn and gain skills as a future professional. I would highly recommend this internship site in the future.


Reflect on how your internship has impacted your plans for future work in this industry.

This internship has truly expanded my capabilities and given me real-life experience I couldn’t have gotten in the classroom. I’ve gained technical skills, like how to use design software, along with professional skills, like collaborating with co-workers. I will be more valuable to a future communications team because of my widened skill set and workplace experience.


Looking forward, set one goal which aligns your personal aspirations with the needs of society.  What steps will you take to achieve this goal?

Many non-profits don’t have the resources to have a large communications team – it’s usually one person trying to do the work of many. These non-profit organizations really need someone who can do it all. I’m not sure exactly what I want to do in the future, but if I don’t work full-time at a non-profit, I want to volunteer and help with communications at a non-profit. Whatever organizations I’m part of after college, whether is a church or advocacy group, I will be in contact with the administration and volunteer my time and skills to allow better communication for the organization.


Tell us about a task/project you completed during your internship which brought you pride.

The Iowa Conference of the UMC has their biggest event each June – the Annual Conference – which thousands of people across the state attend. The conference is trying to modernize its technology and wanted to use some type of app to organize the information for attendees. My boss found the website for the app, then asked me to figure it out. I researched on how to use it, created the app, then showed it to all my co-workers. We had a communications meeting with pastors and communications directors across the state, and I explained the app and how to use it to them, too. They are going to use the app for the event, and it brings me pride to know I helped create it.



Edited and Graphic Designed by Baillee Furst