Survivor: MultiComm Edition

Survival of finals week is exactly what you make of it. Many students have their own ways of surviving this week full of stress and sleepless nights. Read below to learn how students from the Multimedia Communications department brave finals.

“I survive finals week by chilling on my couch watching Netflix and YouTube. Sometimes I tune out to music to focus on my assignments to get them done and out of the way. Then I can relax before graduation day!” -Jayde Vogelar, senior graphic design major 

“I survive finals by listening to classical music while I’m studying and eating ice cream when I’m not.”  -Maddie Travis, sophomore exercise science major

“Scheduling brain breaks. Whether it’s watching an episode of a show on Netflix, taking a nap or talking to my plants.” -Madison Behney, senior public relations major  
  “I usually take a lot of breaks that include me going outside with my friends and doing something like skating or playing basketball.” -Coby Berg, sophomore public relations major