3+3 Law Pathway

3+3PageImageUnder the 3+3 pathway, you can complete both a Simpson undergraduate degree and a Drake law degree in six years, all at a substantial reduction in expense.

By participating in the 3+3 pathway, you will spend your first three years at Simpson, and your last three years at Drake. You will earn about three-quarters of the 128 credits for an undergraduate degree before starting law school in the fall of the fourth year. Credits from the first year of law school will complete your undergraduate studies, allowing you to receive an undergraduate degree on schedule at the end of the fourth year.

One of the primary goals of the 3+3 pathway is to reduce the cost of higher education, a priority for both Simpson and Drake Law. Taking one year off the normal seven-year progression will significantly reduce student loan balances and get participants into law practice one year earlier. To further reduce the cost, Drake Law has committed special scholarships for all participants in the 3+3 pathway with Simpson.

The pathway is designed to be accessible to all majors. Typically, the majors pursuing the pathway will be business, political science, philosophy and history.

Please contact Mark Juffernbruch for more information about the 3+3 Law Pathway.