Simpson Success Story: Kelli Greiner

Senior, Kelli Greiner, shares how her internship experience and the help of an alum led her to obtain a full-time job after she graduates in April.

Why Choose An Entrepreneurial Lifestyle?

Watch senior, Colton Good, explain why he believes the entrepreneurial lifestyle is for him.

Speech & Debate Competes in Missouri State Championship Tounament

INDIANOLA, IA – The weekend of Feb. 18 – 19 our Simpson College Speech & Debate team were diligently competing at the Missouri State Championship tournament.

Several of the Speech & Debate team members snagged some hardware to bring back home to Simpson College and add to their resumes.

See the results from or Speech & Debate members from the weekend of Feb. 18 – 19: 

  • President’s Division Overall Sweepstakes: Second Place
  • President’s Division IE Sweepstakes: Second Place
  • Top Parliamentary Debate Speaker: Kelli Ruth
  • Parliamentary Debate (Semi-Finalists): Kelli Ruth & Jake Stoulil
  • Public Forum Semi-finalists: Lydia Magalhaes & Tegan Jarchow
  • Public Forum Champions: Joe Howard & Evan Sand
  • Dramatic Interpretation: Fifth Place, Lydia Magalhaes
  • Public Forum Debate (Fourth Speaker): Joe Howard
  • Public Forum Debate (Sixth Speaker): Lydia Magalhaes

Congratulations for yet another outstanding performance from Simpson College’s outstanding Speech & Debate team.

Just another reason why the Multimedia Communications department offers students the best of the best not only within the classroom, but within different clubs and organizations offered throughout the department.

Student of the Week: Colton Good

I am a management major. I will walk across the stage at the May commencement ceremony, but I have one summer course to complete my bachelor’s degree. I am involved in the Collegiate Entrepreneur’s Organization on campus. We are working on business ideas and learning the process to bring our ideas to life.

Outside of school, I am a crew chief in the Army National Guard. I get the opportunity to sit behind the pilots and fly in Black Hawk helicopters to do all of the things a pilot can’t do during the flight. I have also started a business with Terry Pauling, a real estate broker in Indianola, and have had the opportunity to live out my dream of becoming an entrepreneur.

During May term I have to opportunity to travel to Germany and study sustainability and how their culture implements green living into their lives. I chose to attend Simpson because of all these unique experiences they provide. After graduation, I plan to continue with the business I’ve started and get a job in the construction management industry.

4 Tips to an Effective Facebook Live Post

Have you wanted to try out Facebook Live either through your internship, club or organization you run social media for or even your personal account?

It doesn’t have to be scary and intimidating. Facebook Live is a great way to promote authenticity and kick the polished, edited take on your personal or companies brand.

Today, our Simpson College PRSSA members attended a luncheon hosted each month by Central Iowa PRSA. These luncheons are for networking with other professionals within the Des Moines area and it also serves as a professional development session through great speakers who live, breathe and work in communications, media and public relations.

This months professional development session focused on being Facebook Live ready thanks to the great insight from the social media and public relations professionals working at Happy Medium, a full-service marketing agency located in Des Moines.

1. Go Live for 10 Minutes – With Facebook Live, you can have live coverage for up to 90 minutes, however, if you want to get the most engagement from your audience, 10 minutes is a great place to start. This 10 minutes can be comprised of an event, demo or even Q&A.

2. Practice on your own first – Little camera shy? Get some practice by going ‘live’ on Facebook by choosing the “Only Me” setting so you can get some experience before you display your content to your audience.

3. Any second is an investment to your viewers – Don’t have your entire Facebook live segment completely scripted. The whole point of Facebook live is to be authentic, not polished. What does help you keep on track and the flow running smoothly are talking points and questions you can ask throughout your video to keep your audience engaged.

4. Don’t get discouraged – Don’t be discouraged if your live post isn’t getting any check-ins from your audience. Some people have jobs throughout the day. The great thing about Facebook live is that the video can be published and accessible for audience members to join after the post has been completed. Fun fact, 70 percent of viewers who join in on Facebook live videos can come after the video has ended.

Social Media Pro & Fashion Forward – Hanna Beirele

Hanna Beirele is known around campus for her trendsetting fashion and a unique and modern approach to social media. Only a sophomore, Hanna has already made a 180 from her shy and quiet demeanor she outed her freshman year. She has become more confident in speaking up and displaying her incredible amount of knowledge regarding public relations, fashion and social media.

Already securing a great online internship and taking on a co-chair leadership position within Simpson’s PRSSA chapter, Hanna is already taking initiative to gain valuable experience she can add to her resume when she wants to make it big in New York or Los Angeles someday.

We are so excited to see what this sophomore public relations major is going to do in the next four years at Simpson and even further into her early professional career.

Check out this week’s Multimedia Communication’s department student feature of the week through this interview video!



Student Media Sweeps 18 Awards at ICMA

INDIANOLA, IA – On Feb. 2 – 3, our student media students attended the Iowa College Media Association’s annual conference.

Students were able to attend a multitude of different sessions, including Victoria Lim’s keynote address on transitioning from the newsroom to becoming Disney’s director of communications.

As the conference provided an academic and professional benefit to our media students – it also was a time to recognize all the talented work produced by students on The Simpsonian and ID Magazine each year.

Winning 14 awards last year alone, student media is no stranger to being recognized for their work.

However, this year, student media brought home 18 different awards. See who was recognized at the Iowa College Media Association’s 2017 conference:

1st Place:

  • Kylee Mullen, Best Print Design
  • Alex Kirkpatrick, Best Online Edition

2nd Place:

  • Madi Wilson, Best News Story
  • Michelle Hartmann, Best Profile Story
  • Ashley Dalsing, Best Sports Feature
  • Blake Willadsen, Best Page 1 Design
  • Alex Kirkpatrick, Best Online Video

3rd Place:

  • Michelle Hartmann, Best Sports Photograph
  • Alex Kirkpatrick, Best News Story
  • Hunter Hillygus, Best Sports Story
  • Staff, Best Editorial Leadership
  • Ashley Smith, Best Magazine/Special Section Cover
  • Staff, Best Use of Social Media

Honorable Mention:

  • Ethan Zierke, Best Investigative News
  • Alex Kirkpatrick, Best Profile Story
  • Brock Borgeson, Best Sports Feature
  • Olivia Samples, Best Review
  • Madi Wilson, Best Online Video

Congratulations to everyone involved within student media on these outstanding accomplishments – well deserved!

The Sweetest Sophomore’s Rise to Success

Often times first and second year students tend to be hesitant to have heavy involvement within clubs and organizations on campus. Most students are just getting into the swing of their class schedule and the idea of college alone.

This has never been the case for sophomore public relations student, Emily Parker. Parker is involved with everything from CAB (Campus Activities Board), PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society of America) and her Pi Phi sorority all beginning her freshman year.

Not only is Parker on the track for immense success in her future academic and professional career in public relations – most importantly, she’s made significant impacts on the lives of those around her.

Parker’s genuinely kind and positive demeanor has been a face students around Simpson College can rely on and trust upon.

Read more about Parker and all she’s accomplished already in two years and what she plans to do in the next 20 years on this weeks student feature friday.

Tell me a bit about yourself.

I’ve had a passion for writing since the second grade. I love to create and edit content. Throughout my time writing for the Odyssey, I developed an interest in writing lifestyle pieces, using my own wisdom and perspective to take a stand on certain topics concerning our generation.

What are some leadership roles you possess on campus?

I was the marketing director for the CAB (Campus Activities Board) from September 2015 to December 2016. My role was mainly focusing on increasing CAB’s social media presence and working to find the most effective promotions for our wide range of events.

I was also the event planning committee chair for Pi Beta Phi the last two semesters and will be vice president of fraternity development this next year. I will also be one of the two fraternity and sorority life interns at Simpson this semester.

Have you had any internship experience? If so, where?

I interned at Waukee Community Schools with the communications coordinator during my senior year of high school. This internship gave me an idea of what it’s like to apply classroom concepts to real-world job responsibilities.

I covered events within the district and wrote stories for the website, created marketing materials and helped build our new activities website.

Being from Waukee, what made you choose a college so close to home? What’s it like being 30 minutes away?

When choosing colleges, I knew that I wanted to attend a smaller school in Iowa so I could take full advantage of the opportunities given to me during my four years and be close to my family.

Simpson had the most welcoming, comfortable atmosphere when I toured there. It’s nice to know that my family is close if I ever need them or they need me, but I don’t really go home except for breaks.

Even before coming to Simpson, I decided to prioritize campus involvement and work on making Simpson a second home.

Specifically, what made you choose the direction of studying within the Multimedia Communication Department?

Many of my family members have degrees in business and marketing, so I have been exposed to their careers my entire life. When I learned that Simpson was introducing a public relations major, I was intrigued. I knew that this area of study focused on the communications side of business. I could combine my love for writing with the reliability of a business background. (I am a public relations major with minors in marketing and psychology)

If you could be living 20 years in the future, what would you be doing for a career right now?

In twenty years, I would like to be working in event planning or be a communications coordinator for a non-profit. These plans may change as I learn more about the public relations field, but as of now, that’s the direction I see myself heading in.

Meet this Future Graphic Designer and Sports Guru

As many of her classmates and peers know, Vogeler is not only dedicated to being a friend to everyone, she is dedicated to all of her involvements around campus.

You might see her snapping pictures at events happening around Simpson’s campus that are issued in The Simpsonian, watching and obsessing over sports or even planning her next destination to travel too. With so many interests, it’s hard to predict what she might be doing next!

Currently a junior double majoring in graphic design and sports administration with a minor in public relations, on top of the many clubs and organizations she is involved with on campus, Vogeler has limitless career paths she can take post-graduation.

Read this week’s Student Feature Friday post to learn more about Vogeler and everything she plans to do in her future of graphic design, sports communication and public relations.

Tell me a bit about yourself! What sparks your interests?

I have so many interests that I don’t even think I can remember them all! I do love to watch sports – especially basketball, and most recently, soccer. I also do a lot of photography in my free time.

I am a weather fanatic and a firm believer in climate change. I try to do my part to keep the environment clean. I also love to travel; it gives me a sense of wonder. I recently traveled to Amsterdam, Paris and London last May with Professor Jim Palmieri. It was great to explore three different cities for my first time in Europe. This May, I get to go back to London with professors Brian Steffen and Mark Siebert and I can’t wait!

With any other free time I have, I like to hang out with my friends and catch up on TV series and documentaries on Netflix.

What’s your involvement like on campus? Any leadership roles?

I am currently involved in Simpson College’s Cancer Awareness Club (SCCAC), The Simpsonian and I also play in the band.

This is my second year in SCCAC and I serve as the vice president. I am currently planning our second annual 5K run. It’s quite a load, but will be worth it in the end!

With The Simpsonian, it is my first year and I hold the role of photography editor – which is great experience for me. I’ve met a lot of new people and made lasting friendships helping me transition into the journalism field. It’s great to be do something I love and expand my photography skills to a higher level.

Lastly, this is my third year with the Symphonic Band. I mainly play trombone, but I played the euphonium second semester of my freshman year. I love to play both instruments; it’s great to work with Dr. Eckerty too!

What internships or work-study/UGA experience have you had? What are your daily tasks with those positions?

I work in the athletic department in communications for my work-study. I love working there because I get to work behind the scenes to make sure the event is running smoothly and other people are enjoying the show.

During the games, I help out with live stats and run the live video stream. When I’m in the office, I work on updating biographies, cropping photos and anything else the staff needs help with.

Starting in January, I am interning with Drake University. I will be working as a game operations intern working basketball games, doing tasks with the event management team and working on visiting team guides. The guides provide detail on the stadium fans are in, what there is to do in Des Moines and other important information for visiting teams.

From these experiences, did it solidify your career path or make you think of other potential options?

When I first came to Simpson, I thought I solely wanted to do graphic design. As time went on working in my work-study, I realized I love working with sports. My work-study influenced me to look into sports administration as my primary major.

Now I am trying to incorporate my multiple interests to make unique possibilities for my career path in the future.

Originally wanting to come to study graphic design, what drew you in to study that particular major?

My love of graphics and design in general was evident, even before high school. I always loved to design projects and I could apply design when I was on yearbook committee in high school.

My mom has also influenced me to pursue graphic design because she was interested in the field as I grew up. Now she always asks for my help with her projects.

I am looking for a career in graphic design, and at first I didn’t know where I wanted to go. Now I can see myself working in a sports or journalistic environment. But I am open to all things, but I hope to land myself somewhere that aligns with my interests!

What made you choose Simpson College and the Multimedia Communications department to further your education?

Coming by Simpson College was by chance. After one I visit I knew Simpson was where I wanted to be because it felt like a second home and everybody was really nice and willing to help one another out.

Coming by the multimedia communications department was also by chance. I took Principles of Public Relations with professor Jane Murphy to complete a requirement for my sports administration major.

After taking the class with Professor Murphy, I thought it would compliment my graphic design major well. I’m glad I came across this department and school, and I haven’t looked back.


Images from students in Lab 02 for Introduction to Programming

All these images were created by students in CMSC 150 Introduction to Programming class. This is the second week lab. The first week was spent learning version control system basics, and how to run a program in PyCharm. Each line, circle, and square is created by a code using the Python programming language and the Arcade library. Click on an image to zoom in and see the detail.

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