Alma Mater

“The Red and Gold”

Lucien Waggener, a native Kentuckian and graduate of Princeton University, who also studied at the University of Gena in Germany and at the Sorbonne in Paris, joined the faculty in the 1890’s.  At thirty, his devastating good looks had young women flocking to his classes. Quite unlike anyone seen on the Simpson faculty, he was probably the only man in Iowa to speak both German and French with a Kentucky accent.  Demonstrating one of his many talents, he composed the words of the college’s Alma Mater, simply called the “Red and Gold” and set the words to the music of the traditional “Eton Boating Song.”

Lyrics to “The Red and Gold”

Come we will sing together.  Once more the ringing song,

A strain that the coming classes,  Unceasingly shall prolong.

The praise of our Alma Mater,  Dear Simpson will e’er be told.

We’ll cherish thy recollections. And swear by the Red and Gold.


Fade less still the laurels.  Won by the football team;

Here’s to the Knights of the diamond,  Brightly their vict’ries gleam,

No fear, for tomorrow’s struggle.  Shall ever new triumphs hold,

While the sturdy sons of Simpson.  Press on with the Red and Gold.


Though in years before us,   Life’s skies grow dull and gray,

The friends of our youth are scattered,   We journey our lonely way;

Sweet memories oft will linger.   Of those dear days of old,

When beneath the whis’pring maples,  We flaunted the Red and Gold.


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