Academic Program Directors 2015-16


Program Name Term Course Release Stipend
Academic Assessment Murphy Waggoner 2012-2016 2 courses Summer
Academic Recruitment Kedron Bardwell 2015-2016 1 course N/A
Culver Center Seth Andersen Part-time N/A N/A
Faculty Development & New Faculty Orientation Coordinator Sal Meyers
2013-2016 2015-2016 2 courses           1 course Summer N/A
Farnham Gallery David Richmond 2015-2016 1 course N/A
First Yr Program/Simpson Colloquium Mark Gammon 2015-2018 2 courses Summer
General Education Tracy Dinesen 2013-2016 2 courses Summer
Interdisciplinary Studies Patti Woodward-Young 2013-2016 No No
International Programs Jay Wilkinson Full-time N/A N/A
Iowa History Center Bill Friedricks Full-time FT alternate assignment Summer
MAT Director Marcy Hahn 2014-2017 2 courses Yes
Neuroscience Don Evans 2012-2015 No No
Simpson Forum Shane Cox 2013-2016 No Yes
SUSI (Simpson Urban Studies Institute) Lindsay Ditzler, Clint Meyer, Camille Sutton 2015-2016 No No
Sustainability Studies Clint Meyer 2013-2016 1 course No
Undergraduate Research Lindsay Ditzler, Clint Meyer, Camille Sutton 2015-2016 No Yes
Women’s & Gender Studies Jan Everhart 2015-2016 1 course No
Writing Across the Curriculum Beth Beggs Full-time N/A N/A

Job descriptions for directors can be found on the faculty portal.