Welcome!  This site has been created to provide readers with information about Simpson College’s recent transformation of its general education program and changes in academic structure.

Beginning in the summer of 2007 and over the course of five years, the faculty at Simpson College made the following changes:

  • Moved from a three-credit standard course to a four-credit standard course
  • Changed its general education program from a distribution system based on discipline (Cornerstone) to a system based on criteria and embedded skills called the Engaged Citizenship Curriculum (ECC)
  • Revised its first-term seminar
  • Created a writing across the curriculum (WAC) program
  • Introduced capstone courses in all majors
  • Moved from requiring 42 courses for graduation to requiring 32 courses for graduation
  • Changed the annual academic calendar–moving graduation from after May Term to before May Term
  • Reduced the number of required May Terms and focused May Term on experiential education
  • Revised all majors, minors and programs–eliminating many courses
  • Eliminated competencies in writing, math and language

I encourage you to poke around our website and let us know if you have questions.  We will be adding documents we think might be helpful.

Please contact me if you have specific questions or contact one of my colleagues listed below.


Steven J. Griffith
Senior Vice President and Academic Dean

Dr. Tracy Dinesen
Director of General Education

Dr. Murphy Waggoner
Assessment Director

Ms. Jody Ragan