Undergraduate Research

At Simpson College, research, scholarship and creative work provides an opportunity for individual students or small groups of students to explore an issue of interest to them in a manner consistent with the discipline and to communicate their results to others. Projects may involve inquiry, design, creation, investigation, research, analysis, discovery, application, writing and/or performance.

Experiments done in a scientific laboratory, archival research, interviews that explore a social or political concern, data collection and analysis, and creation of an artistic work are all examples of research that can involve undergraduate students.

Most Simpson College students have an opportunity to participate in undergraduate research as part of their course work or by working on research projects outside of the classroom.  Travel stipends allow students to travel to regional or national conferences to present their work.  In addition, over twenty students each year get paid to participate in undergraduate research during the summer

Every spring the Undergraduate Research Symposium hosted by Simpson College showcases the outstanding research conducted by our students. 

For questions about how to get involved in undergraduate research contact the Director of Undergraduate Research, Dr. Debra Czarneski at debra.czarneski@simpson.edu.

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Andrew Dexter and research

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