Writing at Simpson College

The ability to produce clear and persuasive writing is arguably the most important skill people bring to their professional and civic lives. Our daily written communications—memos, reports, summaries, emails, social network postings—define us and make lasting impressions on everyone who reads them. Because Simpson College recognizes that writing is so critical to personal and professional success, we have instituted a Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) program. WAC is a well-established movement in higher education that promotes instruction in writing across a wide range of disciplines and majors, not just in English composition courses. Simpson’s WAC program encourages the use of writing as a means of gaining knowledge in academic subjects. Every department offers courses with a Written Communication (WC) emphasis, and students are required to take a minimum of four WC classes at Simpson, at least one of which must be in the major. This increased focus on writing provides students with continuous practice and feedback, enhancing their competence in writing within their disciplines and beyond. The WAC program provides ongoing faculty training, assessment, workshops on a variety of writing-related issues, and writing assistance.

Simpson Writing Center–under construction, summer 2014.

The “Simpson College Intellectual Property Awareness Program:  Avoiding Plagiarism Tutorial” is under construction, summer 2014.