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Kelsey Ritchey '11
Elizabeth Glawe
Beth McGinn
Larissa Minks
Jeremy Johnson '99
Kyle Einck '13
Alexis Andrews

If you reside in Iowa, use the state map below the United States map and click on your county.

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Larissa Mincks
Elizabeth Glawe
Dave Williams
Kelsey Ritchey
Jeremy Johnson
Kyle Einck

Tricia Geelan Transfer Admissions Counselor
Kyle Einck Southwest Iowa and Nebraska
Elizabeth Glawe Northeast Iowa and Minnesota
Jeremy Johnson Southeast Iowa, Eastern Missouri and Southern U.S.
Larissa Mincks  Northwest Iowa, South Dakota & North Dakota, Eastern U.S.
Kelsey Ritchey East Central Iowa, California and Western U.S.
Jeremy Johnson Colorado, Kansas and Western Missouri
Dave Williams Texas and Arizona, Polk, Dallas and Warren Counties
 Beth McGinn Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin
Troy King Veteran Recruitment Coordinator
Rocio Hermosillo Multicultural Recruitment