1860 Club

Individuals who contributed $125 to $249 to The Simpson Fund during the 2016-2017 fiscal year.

Steven and Susan Aanes
Dr. Ronald N. and Barbara Albrecht
Donna Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Anderson
Harmon and Doris Kitzman Andrews
Richard and April Kaskey Angotti
Dr. Jeffrey B. and Janice Arnold
Paul Bohlig and Margaret Aten
LeRoy C. and Jamie Russell Augustine
George and Linda Frisbie Badalamenti
Chuck A. Beach
Steven A. and Linda Randall Beaver
Laura K. Becker
Brent C. Bedwell and Gwendolyn Connolly
Luke A. and Leslie Behaunek
Dr. and Mrs. Krey A. Bixby
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Blake
Terry and Karen Pfeiffer Blevins
Margaret A. Bloomquist
Bennett and Jessica Christensen Boltinghouse
Dr. Joseph and Deborah Ivis Borgen
Kyle J. and Margaret B. Bottorff
Dr. John G. and Bridget Brady
J. Ernest and Rebecca D. Breeding
James and Sheila Lympus Britt
Stephen R. and Nancy Summers Brown
Richard Grosshauser and Marilyn Brubaker
Michael W. and Amy Eason Bruns
George and Robin Buthmann
Maj. Neil D. and Bernice Bys
Donald A. and Katharina G. Campbell
Anthony O. and Dana Overland Capaldo
Ron Smith and Mary Jane Cassady
Perry N. and Laura Chambers
Sam J. and Debra Chiodo
Roger and Mary Ann Shelton Christensen
Daniel J. and Jennifer Veach Clark
Steven and Ann Eighmey Clausen
Amanda Coates
Don O. and Lois Hamilton Coffin
Charles W. Coffman
Daniel E. and Loretta Alcorn Collins
Phyllis Stone Core
Mark and Christy Corzine
Robert E. and Jodine Corell Coy
William and Kimberly Berg Cronk
James H. and Shirley Thrailkill Crosman
Steven K. and Donna Ford Crow
Howard D. and Lois Black Davis
Trygve G. Oydgard and Dr. Susan Davis
Anthony J. and Jill De Laubenfels
Michele M. De Mayo
Dr. James T. Demetrion
Lloyd G. and Helen Snider DeMoss
Mark W. and Christie Denniston
Jerry Depew and Dorothy Lamberti
Steve and Karen Rowland Dilling
Janis Dinesen
Duane and Beverly Theede Dirks
Robert J. and Bonnie Dixon
Edwin C. and Janet Mease Downs
Angela M. Duff
Marci Perschall Duncan
Tara Biggerstaff Elkin
Matthew E. and Sara Bieker English
Dr. Donald Evans
Ingrid Evers
Mr. and Mrs. Graham B. Every
Gerald L. and Janice Meadows Farley
Danny Fast
Daniel L. and Susan Ferry
Chad and Suzanne Messick Fesler
Arthur S. and Gloria A. Filean
Dr. Grant and Ann Anthony Forrester
Mr. James F. Fowler
Clinton S. and Esta Fridley Fraley
Rev. Donald D. and Velma Frank
Jan Frank-de Ois
Bunny Bruning and Marla Frantum
Jon M. and Kim Friest
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Frost
Kevin and Donna Gade
Lyn M. Garner
Brian and Tammy Westhoff Gentry
Erin M. Gentz
Laurola Walker Gibson
William E. and Marilyn L. Gift
Thomas L. and Martha Sedrel Gillespie
Robert Furoli and Catherine M. Grady
David A. and Priscilla J. Guessford
Jason K. and Jennifer Smith Gutzmer
Jim and Barbara Korschot Haehlen
Richard A. Hanson
James E. and Sarah Hayes
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Hedges
Melbourne and Ann Furgason Hegge
Megan Oney Hegwood
Matthew J. Hemphill
Bret D. and Kimberly Hennessy
Marc and Ginger Hermon
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Hewitt
Thomas R. and Pamela Himstreet
Leonard C. and Benita M. Hines
Jerry A. and Christina Rupp Hlas
Stephen and Julie Hoesel
Roger and Dalene Goodwin Holland
Todd E. and Erin Bequeaith Hoskins
Cynthia S. Houghan
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Hunt
Andrew N. Isaacson
Marion E. and Nancy B. James
David and Christa Jensen
Dr. A.L. and Jeanette Keigan Jimenez
Joel A. and Wendy Brimmer Johnson
Mary Ann Wolf Johnson
Rachel G. Jones
Mitch and Terri Curnes Jones
Richard and Sharman Tannatt Kahn
John Kellogg
Dr. Robert F. and Dorothy Hodges Kennett
Mr. and Mrs. Kim J. Knudson
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Koch
Kristen Riley Kouba
Andrew T. and Jennifer L. Kreider
David C. Elliott and Marie Kresse
Kimberley D. Lamon-Loperfido
Mark and Sara Jensen Lehan
Amanda J. Leichty
Andrew and Rosemary J. Link
Thomas D. and Janet K. Lloyd
Alvin and Barbara Anderson Lund
John A. and Gwendolyn Groomes Marcum
Ms. Karen K. Marcussen
Tyler A. and Amy English Marsh
Philip A. and Sharon Bardole McBlain
Douglas R. and Judy McKain
Paul Kreger and Elizabeth McLaren
Dr. Timothy A. McMillin
Anita Beener Meacham
Frank and Claudia Cole Meek
Ms. Betty D. Meeker
John Cardoza and Amy Meriweather
Jim and Peg Shoemaker Mikulanec
Amy Kluender Miller
Scott A. Miller
Ms. Karen L. Minkoff
Andrew R. and Cassandra Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis G. Moore
Troy J. and Catherine Tuttle Murphy
Tom C. and Anne Hasel Murr
Timothy W. and Brandy Miller Myers
Brian C. Nash
Mrs. Marjorie Moles Nass
Gary W. and Lois Anne McCrea Naylor
Rodney and Susan Nelson Nelsen
Leslie R. Nelson Jr.
Craig M. and Pamela Nelson
Stephen and Stephanie Sons Neve
Chris and Jacqueline Niemeyer
Karen Nissen-Boryczka
J. Frank and Cheryl Keating Nugent
Steven and Elizabeth Shandley Osher
Jeff and Angela VanBuren Pankoff
Todd A. Parker and Lisa P. Foxworthy-Parker
Rev. Scot A. and Michele Burkhart Patrick
Richard and Betsy McCormac Patterson
Dr. Richard H. and Helen Cloud Pemble
Tim E. and Pam Pepper
August J. and Sharon Van Meter Perrotti
Rev. David J. and Judy Peterson
Doris Boruff Peterson
Gerald and Joyce Peterson
Andrea M. Petrovich
Jennifer Pfeifer-Malaney
Dean and Carol Phillips
Michael L. and Dian Poole
Rick and Gail Pope
Dr. Nick Proctor
Ronald R. and Shelley Raney
David R. and Mary A. Rasmussen
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome S. Rayhons
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Readshaw
Lowell L. and Corrinne Reed
Dennis and Kathleen Jones Reinertson
Don N. and Becky Richardson
Marilyn Rodgers
Donald and Patti Rose
Lara D. Roy
Scott and Julie Roy
Guy J. and Sandra Bergman Russo
Todd M. and Jennifer Lashier Samuels
Lindsay R. Saunders
Evan M. and Elizabeth Schaefer
Mark S. and Maribeth Knott Schillerstrom
David and Kimberly Fix Schmidt
Mrs. Dorraine Schuling
Greg Schultz and Anna Graether
Scott D. and Dawn Hellyer Schumacher
Ms. Amy L. Schwarz
Kevin and Kathryn DeJong Scruggs
Patrick and Lilly Severn
Roger and Gina Seymour
Dr. and Mrs. Scott A. Shackelford
W. Dean and Judy Reed Sieck
Arthur L. and Brooke Grudgings Silbernagel
Tom and Linda Sinclair
John F. and Ginger Sirianni
Nathan and Laurie Perschau Skjerseth
Paula R. Sliefert
Matt and Debra Somers
Sally Griffieon Sonnenburg
Herman J. and Kay Garrotto Spencer
Arthur and Jill McCallum Stockstrom
Justin D. and Brenna Abel Stoffa
Shelly K. Stork
Craig and Laura Schillerstrom Strayer
Susan Evans Strong
Gary A. and Vickey Swainey
Scott and Victoria Syverson
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry J. Taylor
Mrs. Donna Gross Terry
Mr. and Mrs. W. Joshua Tetzlaff
Jeffrey and Seleta Bainter Thomas
Dr. and Mrs. Paul C. Thomas
Dr. Michael V. and Anne Thompson
Sara Thompson
Adrianne Ames Thornburgh
Laraine D. Thulin
William C. Trice and Donna Wayland-Trice
Mark D. and Julie Hanson Ullestad
Gary L. Valen and Betsy Lyman
Donald and Deloris Van Ryswyk
Zachary and Brooke Dey Von Stein
Jack E. and Nancy A. Walker
Gail Luxford Wallin
Keith and Elaine Watson
Spencer A. and Sinikka Waugh
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Wendt
Jerry R. and Beverly Myers Wetzel
Jeremy and Nicolle Whalen
Walter L. and Susan Foster White
David and Diana Schuetz Whitlow
Perry L. and Karen Wilkins
Michael R. and Marci Wilson
Dr. Julie Wolfram Smith
Bonnie Leitch Woodke
Harold and Lu Ray Price Workman
Larry and Leola Eddy Wright
Lowell T. Yamaura
Nickolas J. and Ellen Yordanoff