Whispering Maples Club

Individuals who contributed $250 to $499 to The Simpson Fund during the 2016-2017 fiscal year.

Kim C. and Patricia Primm Abild
Travis D. and Dianne Andersen
Rev. Layton and Viola Brown Anderson
Steven D. and Bobbie Areges
Eric D. and Kim Forrester Argo
Richard D. and Michele Kephart Atterbury
Christine Averweg
Jack H. and Paula Gorham Bean
Darian L. and Paula L. Bebout
Dr. Reldon F. and Margaret Shultz Beck
Allen R. and Judith McBride Bentley
Teresa Beving
Jane Stacy Billings
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Billyard
Patricia Breeden Black
Merrill E. and Betty Blackburn
Joan Winkelman Boggess
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Boss
Rev. Richard L. and Nancy Bowman
Chris and Carey Strawman Boysen
Dr. Jacqueline Brittingham
Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Brobst
David R. and Nicole Crouse Brown
Dr. J. Edward and Linda Hammes Burkhardt
Jerry and Nancy Vander Werff Burkhardt
Tim and Mary Burrell
Stan R. Campbell and Marybell Avery
Marilyn King Carlson
J. Owen and Nancy Niedner Carson
Ron and Leigh Ann Peasley Chacey
John S. and Paula Chew
Kevin L. and Jodi Christensen
Rhys P. and Judy Christensen
Gregory E. and Michelle Mason Christy
Amanda M. Clark
Harris F. Coggeshall
Kenneth and Karna Converse
Alan and Denise Dixon Core
Dr. Manuel F. Coria
John R. and Caroline Christensen Cummings
Ms. Lisa Glick Darling
Jim and Karen Kruck De Vore
K. Steven and Jo Latchem Deaton
Nancy Eaton DeLay
David L. and Deborah McIndoe DeLisle
Michael and Ann Wagner Dieleman
Judith Pilmer Dietrich
Cynthia M. Dyer
JoAnn Stark Eddy
Robert E. and Karen Dvergsten Eichner
Dr. Mardy T. and Lisa Eimers
John and Deborah Dyer Eldred
Barbara Perry English
Warren D. and N. Joanne Cox Evans
David A. and Sarah Byriel Farnsworth
Jeffrey L. and Sonya Crawford Ferguson
Lehman B. and Dr. Cynthia Needles Fletcher
Tiffany D. Flory
Mary M. Fortune
Gary A. and Peggy Smith Freese
Jeff and Kammie Parkhurst Friese
Morris R. and Mary Datisman Frisbie
Jane Dale Fritz
Sally Munzenmaier Fuller
Greg and Jane Lucas Furch
Ken Fuson
Dr. and Mrs. James L. Gallagher
Bill and Susan Hicks Ganz
Charles L. Garmen
Bryce W. and Sheila Gause
Brent and Carol Ericson Gearhart
Phyllis Middleswart Geyer
Richard Gilbert and Julie Gammack
Bill and Margaret Graff
Dr. Steven and Danette Griffith
Heather Groben
Dr. Ian R. and Tina Grover
Tristan T. and Rosemary Michels Grover
Robert O. and Janella Guilford
Dr. H. David and Rose Marie Guthrie
Dr. Jon S. and Tina Hade
Roger L. and Natalie Skogsbergh Hansen
Dr. CoryAnne Harrigan
Dean R. and Karla M. Havran
Phyllis Warren Head
Dr. D. Gary and Carol Hemphill
Paul S. Hengesteg
Wouter and Jessica Hertzberger
Ronald and Maj. Janet Atkin Hicks
Jacqueline E. Holden
Harlan D. Holm
Dean W. and Sally Carmichael Hosfelt
Ms. Jolene K. Huen
James A. and Janice F. Jagim
David B. Jobes
William O. and Elizabeth Paul Johns
Harold and Sharon Johnson
Ron A. Joslin
Charles H. and Marilyn Houghton Kayton
David M. and Kimberly Tierney Keller
Craig A. and Patricia A. Knutzen
Donna Morrison Kreamer
Timothy G. Kreidler and Jan Smith
John D. Lahn and Beverly Welch
Mark S. and Jessica Laliberte
Dr. Gregory A. and Carol Flannery Lamansky
Dr. and Mrs. Jerry W. Lehr
Kyle M. Liske
Eric E. and Kelsey Tucker Lloyd
Mrs. Linda Pingrey Long
David W. and Gayla E. Lyons
Robert D. and Mary Carpenter MacKenzie
Eric A. and Beth Maddy
Brian D. Mann
Sam A. and C. Jane Foley Martin
Dwight A. and Brenda D. Mater
Richard H. and Jan McGowen
Robert S. and Linda Young McGregor
Terry and Barb McMurry
Keith E. and Sharon Schwartz Milburn
Mr. Vijai K. Moses
Dr. Marilyn K. Mueller
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Murray
John D. and Jeralyn Cole Nerem
Justin and Jennifer Ross Nostrala
Carla and Chuck Offenburger
Carol Simpson Oliver
Joanna Crawford Owen
Dwight B. Oxenreider
Mike and Tracie Moore Pavon
L. Erwin and Janice Simmons Pellant
Larry and Dorothy Stevens Perkins
Sarah Brown Pesek
Laura M. Petersen
Dr. Grant E. Peterson
Dale M. and Annie Laurie Davenport Points
Scott and Carla Porth
Mark A. and Lynn Penningroth Rhodes
Susan Segerstrom Riesau
Solomon Rosenbaum
Leland C. and Cheryl Ruble
Jack R. and Jill Peterson Schreiber
Jennifer Boothby Schriver
Dr. James J. Seeber
Trent and Rebecca McLain Shaner
Michael C. and Priscilla Hogan Shaw
Lida E. Shoemaker
Jack and Janet Augustine Siefkas
Jillian Sievel
William P. and Joan Johnson Siglin
Phillip and Ardith Simms
Robert L. and M. Verda Simon
Mary Ann Clark Spicer
Julia A. Stacy
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Staker
Jason J. and Teri Vert Stolte
Bruce and Deanna Duff Strawn
Gary L. Streaty
Robert L. and C. Joyce Rose Street
Doug and Jill Stroebele Struyk
Philip N. Thomas
Rita Thompson
Robert J. and Laura Tidgren
Dr. and Mrs. Gary M. Underwood
John and Linda Vredenburg
Robert D. and Nancy J. Watts
Iola Nichols Weaver
Donald R. and Clara Sorenson Welch
Richard E. and Martha White
J. Daniel and Susan Johnson White
Robert and Brenda Wickett
Dale L. and Patricia M. Wiese
Gilbert J. and Becky Clark Wigeland
Floyd and Anne Kinsey Williams
David G. Williams
Kathryn Bowans Williams
Mr. and Mrs. James G. Willis
Eric N. Wilson
Larry T. and Dixie Wilson
Tom and Ann Woldt
W. Ralph Wright
Jeff and Mary Young
Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Young
Eric C. Youngberg and Gary Krogh
Nannette D. Zahs
Joyce Freidhof Zeliadt