Homecoming & Family Weekend 2014 Who’s Coming

Who are you expecting to see? Are their names not on this list? Show your Simpson spirit and encourage others to attend.  Call your friends, e-mail, Facebook and tweet!  Encourage them to register online so their names can be added to this list.  If you have any questions, please contact the alumni office at 515-961-1544 or alumni.office@simpson.edu.

Joan Betsworth
Roger Betsworth
Rita Birkenholtz
Corey Bix ’02
Anna Brown
Joshua Brown ’05
William Brown
Tom Cambridge ’57
Charity Halupnick Campbell ’96
Mary Jane Cassady
Peter Coccia
Melissa Deer ’10
Ardene Kildal Downing ’62
Bob Downing ’63
Andy English ’05
Chris Goodale ’86
Bette Haddox ’79
Bruce Haddox
John Hatfield ’98
Herbert Heinicke
Janet Heinicke
Bob Lane ’81
Ev Laning ’53
Travis Mickle ’95
Barb Moody
Joe Moody
Kathryn Fisher Moore ’50
Leroy Moore ’49
Sara Moore
Jessica Nauman ’03
Aaron Page
Kimberly Griffin Powell ’98
Collin Rice ’07
Dawn Ashbaugh Sams ’95
Jean McKinnie Sanders ’66
Bill Schweiker ’76
Gina Seymour
Jillian Sievel
Jay Simmons
Jennè Simmons
Eleanor Smith
Gene Smith
Brenna Abel Stoffa ’09
Sunni Swarbrick
Sara Thompson
Mary True
Alex Vaughan
Nancy Lehner Vaughan ’89
Phyllis Warkentin
Maxine Smith Weinman ’49
Casey Spree Wetjen ’02
Denny Whalen ’75
Jane Whalen ’90
Rich Willis ’74
John Wilson
Bill Wright ’92