Summer of Success


When we tell prospective students that their success begins at Simpson College, we do so with confidence.

Why? Because we can point them to our alumni. Simpson graduates enjoy success in all walks of life, from heading large companies to serving others.

Each Monday this summer, we will introduce you to another Alumni Success Story. We’re calling it the “Summer of Success,” and we hope you enjoy it.

To the folks still trying to choose a college, consider this — everyone you see here once faced the same decision. They chose Simpson, and that made all the difference.


“People talk about how this is an intense program, and it is. Because in order to be successful in this field, you have to be intense.“

More Success

Andrè Thomas

André Thomas ’14

“By getting myself involved on campus and helping other organizations, I was able to find more of me, which was very helpful for my growth.” More…


Andy Seydel ’02

“I think going to Simpson and having the opportunity to connect with the professors in the way that I did, did open a lot of doors for me in getting into the profession that I’ve chosen.” More…


Jon & Kati DePue ’13

Kati (Herr) DePue ‘13 and Jon DePue ’13 were just a couple small town kids separated by 60 miles until Simpson College led them to each other and changed their lives forever. More…