Art History Minor

A minor in Art History provides students with knowledge of art in the context of a broad array of cultures and historical periods. A minor in Art History enriches and complements a variety of existing majors like Studio Art, Graphic Design, or any number of majors including those in History, English and Religion.

You will complete five courses plus Gallery Event and Museum Attendance is required.

Courses Required:

  • ART 001 Gallery Event and Museum Attendance¬† (Must complete every semester)
  • ART 131 Foundations of Design
 Choose 4 courses from the following:
  • ART 201 Art History: Prehistoric to Renaissance
  • ART 202 Art History: Renaissance to 19th Century
  • ART 203 Art History: Modern Art
  • ART 204 Art History: Non Western Art
  • ART 205 Art Since 1940
  • ART 206 History of Design
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