Willis Gallery Current Exhibit

The Kent Center gallery will feature a variety of art throughout the year. This includes Simpson student art, works by Simpson art faculty, and occasionally art from artists outside the campus.

JanetHeadshotI am forever interested in looking at things!  The world of natural “things”, large and small, smooth and rough, bright and dull all seem marvelously interesting. So I spend a lot of time looking at the natural world. (Living in a small town in a predominately rural state like Iowa gives me abundant opportunities for such examination of nature.) The contrasts between the more serene and orderly landscape of a wooded urban yard interest me and new “things to see” in new places always please and interest me.

My usual practice is to begin by drawing what I see. This, after all, is the best way for me to learn the form and structure of the thing I am working with as subject matter. The old Bauhaus practice of learning through visual observation is a practice that I continue. I spend a lot of time making detailed drawings of my subject matter. By doing so I internalize what I know about what I see.  I’m slow…this part takes a long time! But once I have internalized the structural, the color and the texture of the subject then I am free to get on with it and try to tell you, the viewer, what was  most important about the  “interesting thing”  I have seen and studied. Sometimes that results in an abstraction of the “interesting” part, often it is a focus on textures and colors!