Willis Gallery at Kent Campus Center

The Kent Center gallery will  feature a variety of art throughout the year.  This includes Simpson student art, works by Simpson art faculty, and occasionally art from artists outside the campus.

Iowa Temple

American Panorama

By David Richmond

Friday, April 4-Friday, May 23

Opening Reception: April 10,  5 PM to 6 PM.

Gold Dome

Americana Panorama

This body of art is largely about unique sights that you would find along the roadsides of the Midwestern United States of America. Most of these places that I have recorded as digital photographic images are depictions of an unusual organization of materials that are specifically placed together that form an American visual scene. The photographs that I am using in this show are all panoramic images that I create using digital imaging software. Each of these panoramic photographs was made of several images taken of the scene. I am slightly moving the picture plane by shifting the view through my camera from one side of the scene to the other. I will then use the photographic software to stich the several images together into one photographic image. The result is a completely fabricated image that represents the scene that I am depicting.

These images that I am creating are also visual representations of random thoughts that become cohesive to form an idea or a story These images are also depicting my inner thoughts or commentary about that space and reflect what I am thinking in that time. In this way I am recording my impressions of these scenes through the visual image rather than written imagery.

As a result of this photographic and invented story manipulation process, I am fabricating and creating visual inferences that are fanciful creations.

David Richmond

American Temple