Willis Gallery Current Exhibit

The Kent Center gallery will feature a variety of art throughout the year. This includes Simpson student art, works by Simpson art faculty, and occasionally art from artists outside the campus.


In these days of technology, we have become accustomed to touchless contact. But physical distance is not a new concept for those of us who grew up in families where embraces were unknown. To compensate for that lack of first-hand physical contact, we use heirlooms, printed photos, and other objects to achieve closeness by touching things others have touched. This group of pieces allows me to experience touch through one or more degrees of separation.

Objects used in these pieces were found, recovered, donated, or inherited, and hence touched and used by others before they reached this destination. Through assemblage, collage, mixed media, and textiles I have created biographical portraits of my family and myself or represented my view of social issues. Much like writing a biography, the process allows me to dig into and capture the actions, emotions and events of a life in a way that is more meaningful to me than photos are.

Martha Ellen Waggoner Fall 2017