Graphic Design Major

Students in computer lab.

Students who major in Graphic Design receive individual instruction toward learning to create effective design and developing proficiency with technology.  Graphic Design Majors have access to current graphic design computer programs as they accumulate experience and build a design portfolio.  Graphic Design Majors at Simpson have gained internships and regular employment in a variety of places including Lessing-Flynn Advertising, Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield of Iowa, The Des Moines Register, Runner’s World magazine, Smithsonian Institute, Washington DC, and the Des Moines Art Center.

See the Graphic Design page for examples from Simpson graphic design students.

Students will complete nine courses plus capstone, and Sophomore portfolio and Gallery Event and Museum Attendance requirement.


Art 001 Gallery Event and Museum Attendance (each year)
Art 0XX Soph Art Portfolio
Art 121: Basic Drawing
Art 131 Foundations of Design I – 2D
Art 132 Foundation of Design II – 3D
Art 233 Art Major Seminar

Art History
(Take two courses from the following):

Art 201 Prehistoric to Renaissance
Art 202 Renaissance to 19th Century
Art 203 Modern Art
Art 204 Non-Western Art
ARt 205 Art since 1940
Art 206 History of Design

Studio Courses
Complete the following two courses (at least once)

Art 238 Graphic Design I
Art 239 Graphic Design II

Take two additional courses from the following:

Art 221 Drawing I
Art 322 Drawing II
Art 245 Painting I
Art 345 Painting II
Art 243 Pottery I
Art 343 Pottery II
Art 241 Photography I
Art 344 Photography II
Art 238 Graphic Design I (taken a second time)
Art 239 Graphic Design II (taken a second time)


Art 319 Internship in Art
Art 385 Senior Seminar
Art 0XY Senior Exhibition