Studio Art Major


Simpson Art Department offers traditional studio art courses in Drawing, Painting, and Photography. Students who major in Studio Art choose a discipline to focus in and then take at least two courses from this area, plus additional Studio Courses. Graduates can develop a career in fine arts or enter a graduate program within a chosen discipline.

See Student Work to see examples from Simpson studio art majors.

Core Courses Required:

  • ART 001 Gallery Event and Museum Attendance (0 Credits)
  • ART 121 Basic Drawing (4 Credits)
  • ART 131 Foundations of Design (4 Credits)
  • (Undetermined Course Number) Advanced Studio: Idea Development (4 Credits)


Art History

  • ART 205 Art Since 1945 (4 Credits)


One Course from the following:

  • ART 201 Prehistoric to Renaissance (4 Credits)
  • ART 202 Renaissance to 19th Century (4 Credits)
  • ART 203 Modern Art (4 Credits) 
  • ART 204 Non-Western Art (4 Credits)
  • ART 206 History of Design (4 Credits)


Sophomore Portfolio

Successful completion of the Sophomore Portfolio requirement by the end of the second year.


Studio Courses

A Studio Art Major chooses one area to focus in and takes the two courses from that area. 


1. Drawing

  • ART 221 Advanced Drawing 1 (4 Credits)
  • ART 322 Advanced Drawing 2 (4 Credits)

2. Painting

  • ART 245 Painting 1 (4 Credits)
  • ART 345 Painting 2 (4 Credits)

3. Photography

  • ART 241 Photography 1 (4 Credits)
  • ART 344 Photography 2 (4 Credits)

Studio Electives

Option A: Without Internship

  • 3 Additional Studio Courses (12 Credits)

Option B: With Internship

  • 2 Additional Studio Courses (8 Credits)

The Studio Art Major can take 2 additional studio courses from any of the areas, including Graphic Design (If the Studio Art major elects to complete an internship, only 2 additional studio courses can be taken from any of the areas). Only 2 courses may be taken from Graphic Design for the Studio Art Major. 

The Studio Art Major can repeat 1 upper level class in Drawing, Painting, or Photography one time in order to complete 3 studio courses in a given fine arts area. 

Any studentwishing to complete 3 Graaphic Design courses (ART 139, 239, 339) must complete the Graphic Design Major.


Capstone Courses

Option A: Without Internship

  • ART 385 Senior Seminar (4 Credits)

Option B: With Internship

  • ART 319 Internship in Art (4 Credits)
  • ART 385 Senior Seminar (4 Credits)


Total Credits for Studio Art Major: 44 Credits



Success Stories

Kyle Blevins ’89- Professional Photographer

“I felt more confident in fine art, and it was a little more solitary. It allowed me to really focus my attention without distractions.” More…

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