Student Learning Improvement Committee (SLIC)

The Assessment and Program Review Committee was divided into two committees at the 4/15/2015 faculty meeting:  Academic Program Improvement (APIC) and Student Learning Improvement (SLIC).


Four faculty members from separate divisions to be elected for three-year terms. Members shall be elected with terms staggered so that one-third of the committee is elected each year.

The Director of Academic Assessment, ex-officio, voting.

The Director of the General Education Program, ex-officio, voting.

One academic support staff member appointed by the Academic Dean to serve a three-year team and chosen from the staff of Hawley Academic Resource and Advising Center, Student Support Services or the Writing Center, voting.

One student with junior status or higher appointed by the president of the student government with the advice and consent of the student senate.

The Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, ex officio, non-voting.

The Academic Dean or designee, ex officio, non-voting.

Overview of SLIC:

The Student Learning Improvement Committee is responsible for reviewing the results of the annual student learning assessment reports of the academic majors and academic support programs. SLIC will administer the annual assessment of the general education program and make recommendations about improving student learning to the academic departments and academic support programs based on the results of the annual student learning assessment reports.


Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes:
Defining Student Learning Outcomes
Assessable Verbs List
Selecting Assessment Instruments
Curriculum Mapping
Curriculum Map Fillable Word Form     Excel form

Annual Assessment Reports:
Example of Assessment Grid
Blank Assessment Plan form 9-24-2015
Most Common Comments on SLIC Annual Assessment Report Forms

National Institute on Learning Outcomes Assessment document

Good Assessment Practices at Simpson College

Explanation of Core Values

Committees and Members