Simpson Fitness

  • SF logoCARDIO/SCULPT- Lots of moving, keeping the heart rate up with added bonus of muscle sculpting
  • DIESEL-Interval training class consisting of high reps & intensity, low weights, strength training cardio burst
  • GUTS & GLUTES- Body sculpting class focusing on the abdominal and lower body muscles.
  • KICKBOXING-Focus on proper martial arts techniques regarding to boxing involving a mixture of cardio, interval training along with a boxing bag work out. Some gloves provided, but may need to purchase own gloves depending on # of participants.
  • RESISTANCE BANDS-A variety of resistance band exercises focusing on all muscle groups, providing isolation exercises for each muscle group.
  • SWEATSHOP-Non-stop cardio, step, weights, interval training, agility drills
  • TNT-There’s No Tomorrow- It’s all about the punch & crunch, cardio sculpt, romp & stomp boot camp style
  • ZUMBA-Latin based dance class, where you move and groove to the music and work up a sweat, it’s all about having fun
  • YOGA-Concentration on core strengthening, balance, and isolation moves to improve over all body strength.

Simpson Fitness Schedule Spring ’15

Simpson Fitness classes start Wednesday –Jan.14th!
BPAC-#202 Blank Performing Arts Center #103
Steven Johnson Fitness Center Dance/Aerobics Studio-#103
CC-Old Catholic Church on Iowa Street

Monday          Class                           Location

6:30am             YOGA                             BPAC #202-Shnurman

12:40pm           Guts-N-Guts                 SJF #103-Hohenstein

4:45pm             Zumba                           SJF #103-Densmore

6:15pm             TNT                                SJF #103-Beitelspader

7:00pm             Zumba                           SJF #103-Claytor

7:45pm             Tone it up                     SJF #103-Clark


Tuesday            Class                        Location

1:00pm             Sweatshop                   SJF #103-Hohenstein

4:00pm            Zumba                          SJF #103-Claytor

5:00pm            Diesel Bootcamp        SJF #103-Hohenstein

5:00pm            YOGA                           BPAC #202-Shnurman

6:00pm     Guts-n-Glutes/Cardio     SJF #103-Ukena

7:00pm             TNT                             SJF #103-Larsen


Wednesday     Class                     Location

6:30am             YOGA                         BPAC #202-Shnurman

8:00am             Diesel                         SJF #103-Tufte

5:15pm             Ab Attack                    SJF #103-Albers


Thursday       Class                       Location

5:00pm             YOGA                        BPAC #202-Shnurman

6:00pm             Ab Attack                 SJF #103-Albers/McKim

7:00pm             Tone it up                 SJF #103-Larson

7:45pm             TNT                            SJF #103-Beitelspader


Friday             Class                       Location

6:30am              YOGA                      BPAC #202-Shnurman

12:40pm           Cardio/Strength     SJF #103-Ukena


Saturday         Class                       Location

9:15am               Kickboxing               CC-Foster