Our Mission

Shooting Club Team

Photo: Dave Austin

The Simpson College Shooting Sports Club promotes safe and responsible participation in the shooting sports. We are open to Simpson College students of all experience levels, those interested in recreational shooting, as well as competition. We seek to educate people on the proper handling, care, and use of a firearm, in addition to opening the door to participation in the shooting sports. We strive to provide a friendly and positive atmosphere, where people with a common interest in the shooting sports can meet and share their passion.

There are two different aspects of the Shooting Sports Club. The first is the club itself and the second is the Competitive Team.

The Club

The purpose of the Shooting Sports Club is to make available a variety of shooting venues to students attending Simpson College.

The following are goals, objectives, and activities for the club.

  1. Provide opportunities for participation and skill development in shooting sports.
  2. Sponsor social activities for members that promote firearm responsibility and foster club and professional relationships.
  3. Foster a spirit that promotes and supports shooting sports.
  4. Provide an avenue through which skill acquisition in various shooting sports is taught through instruction and coaching.
  5. Promote a spirit of service to others (college, community and shooting sports) through participation in volunteer projects and activities.
  6. Encourage and provide a means for participation in local, state, and national competitive shooting sports events.
  7. Promote college participation nationwide in shooting sports.


The Competitive Team

Photo: Dave Austin

The competitive team usually consists of anywhere from 10-15 individuals that have taken on a substantial commitment to the preservation of the club and the development of their competitive skills. These members are held to an elevated standard as compared to those who are club members. These standards cover a broad area but include academics, character, and responsibility to name a few.


Here are a few requirements to make the team:

  1. Maintain a 2.0 GPA as required by ACUI and SCTP for National Competitions.
  2. Participate in all activities assigned by the Head Coach. These include working events such as Pheasants Forever and Friends of the NRA Banquets and numerous youth development activities.
  3. Participate in practice sessions two times a week, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.
  4. Have all required equipment to adhere to team dress code, currently includes three polo shirts, hat, and Simpson shooting vest.

Types of Athletes

As a Shooting Sports Club, we provide the opportunity for the Simpson student body to participate in the shooting sports. From beginner to Olympic hopeful our coaching staff will work to help you improve and hone your skills on the range and in the classroom.

Competion and Activities

Photo: Dave Austin

Members of the Simpson College Shooting Sports Club participate in a variety of shooting disciplines, both recreationally and competitively. Below are examples of some of the disciplines and events the club participates in:

  • Trap
    Singles – Doubles – Handicap
    Wobble & International Bunker
  • Skeet
    American & International
  • Sporting Clays & 5 – Stand
  • Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP)
  • Scholastic Action Shooting Program (SASP) 


Stay tuned for the announcement of our new head coach

Dr. Adam Brustkern
Associate Professor of Chemistry