April Drumm-Hewitt

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Phone Number:
Office Location:
Office Hours:
Mary Berry, Rm. 409
MWF 10:30am-11:30am
T/Th 9am-11am
or by appointment.
PhD Cognitive Psychology – Binghamton University (SUNY), 2012
MS Psychology – Binghamton University (SUNY), 2009
BA Psychology – The College of New Jersey, 2007

I began my career at The College of New Jersey, where I learned that the great strength of being at a liberal arts college was the ability to interact with my professors one-on-one.  I had a great opportunity to work with a professor and a small group of other students in an ERP research lab, which got me interested in the research process and in the academic life.  After studying abroad in Australia for a semester, I decided that I was most interested in researching how language and memory interact with one another.  So, I went to Binghamton University where I completed my Masters and PhD in Cognitive Psychology specializing in research on reading, language, and memory. Now that I am at Simpson, I hope to be able to share with students the great one-on-one relationship that seems so much more possible at a liberal arts college.

In my research I investigate how reading can tell us something about the greater cognitive processes that we use in our everyday lives.  For example, I ask questions like: What kinds of information are important to us when we read?  After we have read something, what information will we remember and use later?  If we are reading about a story character, how much detail do we imagine for their world?  Is reading about a story character’s experiences really like experiencing something ourselves?

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