Office Hours:
MTWThF 8:00-4:30

Anne Fattig
Admissions Counselor
1-800-362-2454 x1624, (515) 961-1820

Territory: Minnesota, Arizona, Colorado and the Western United States

Hometown: Chelsea, IA
College Major: Communications, Public Relations and Electronic Media, Minor: Leadership Studies

Things I really enjoy: Water sports, shopping, traveling, spending time with family and friends, Reality TV, baking, laughing and enjoying anything with cinnamon.

What not everyone knows about me: I spent 9 months working at Walt Disney World in the Magic Kingdom.

My favorite saying: “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”  Walt Disney

My best advice as you are looking at colleges:  Make sure you go on a campus visit. Meet a professor, eat the food, get to know students, attend a class, check out the dorms. There are a ton of things you can’t learn from a brochure or website.

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