Carolyn Dallinger '80

Department Chair of Sociology and Criminal Justice, Associate Professor of Social Work & Criminal Justice

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Wallace Hall 304
B.A. Simpson College 1980
M.S.W. University of Washington 1983
J.D. Southern University 1989
Ph.D. ABD Iowa State University, projected December 2013


J.D., M.S.W. (2003) Assistant Professor of Social Work and Criminal Justice.  B.A., Simpson College, 1980; M.S.W. University of Washington, 1983; J.D., Southern University, 1989 


Carolyn enjoys incorporating service learning components within her classroom teaching whenever possible. Her students, as part of their coursework, serve meals to hungry or homeless people, mentor immigrant elementary school students, and mentor middle school students in a mock trial about no bullying.  In November 2010, as result of this method of teaching, Dallinger received the Iowa Professor of the Year Award in Washington D.C. from C.A.S.E. and Carnegie.

A Simpson graduate, Carolyn enjoys working with Simpson students in new and exciting ways.  She leads students in and out of the classroom including trips with first year students on the nationally designated American Indian “Trail of Tears” from Tennessee to Oklahoma; with students studying the various cultures in Ghana, Africa; and students studying the Siberian Yupik and Inupiat people of Alaska and across the Bering Strait into Chukotka, Russia.

Research Interests

Dallinger’s research interests include social justice, culture, social inequalities, and sociology of education. Her last sabbatical project manuscript is entitled Hurricane Katrina: One Family’s Story.

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