Connie Kostelac

Assistant Professor of Sociology & Criminal Justice

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Office Location:
Wallace Hall 302
Office Hours:
Spring 2014
MWF 9:10-10:10 am
Th 12:30-3:00 pm
By appointment
PhD, Arizona State University (2008)
MS, Florida State University (1997)
BA, Marquette University (1995)

I am a relatively recent addition to the Simpson community, having joined the faculty in 2011.   Prior to joining Simpson, I came from working directly in the criminal justice field as a researcher.   I was the Police Research Supervisor for the Phoenix (AZ) Police Department’s Crime Analysis and Research Unit where I was responsible for the crime analysis, crime mapping, and research efforts of the department.  This role involved everything from forecasting the next likely incident in a crime series to analyzing crime trends and hotspots.  I also conducted large-scale research on issues such as staffing and allocation of patrol officers, sex offender residency requirements, and evaluating a violence impact program.

I am teaching in a variety of areas including policing, inequality and justice, crime and place, justice system discretion, and criminology.  I believe each of these topics provides critical background and perspective on current issues in the criminal justice system and helps prepare our students for a wide variety of careers. In addition, one of my primary teaching areas is statistics, which is one of my favorites!  I hope students taking my courses in statistics walk away with a more thorough appreciation of how research and statistics impact decision making and policies within the criminal justice system and how statistics can be an important tool to help us understand our social world.

Since coming to Simpson I have been working on a variety of projects.  Recently I have been working on a collaborative research effort on Urban Migration issues in Des Moines in collaboration with a number undergraduate and undergraduate students, as well as faculty from multiple departments.  This project was funded by the Simpson Urban Studies Institute (SUSI).  I have also been assisting a police agency in California with evaluating their crime analysis unit in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.  My research interests also relate to the role and function of civilian employees in police organizations, issues of inequality in the criminal justice system, and temporal and geographic patterns in crime.

I enjoy the opportunity to work with students at Simpson both in and out of the classroom and find it valuable to integrate my prior experience with what we are covering in class.   Feel free to contact me if you have questions about the department, the majors, or specific courses.

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