Chatt Pongpatipat

Assistant Professor of Marketing

Phone Number:
Office Location:
McNeill Hall
Office Hours:
Fall 2014
Tuesday 9.30AM-2PM
Wednesday 1PM-3Pm
and by appointment

Chatt Pongpatipat is an Assistant Professor of Marketing. He earned his PhD in Marketing and International Business from Old Dominion University. He holds a B.A. in Accounting from Thammasat University, Thailand and MBA with double concentration (Information Technology and International Business) from Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia. His research focuses on the interaction among consumer psychology, technology, and marketing, on a domestic and international level. His research areas include Social Influence, Internet Marketing, Consumer Behavior, and Cross-Cultural Marketing. His scholarly work has been published in top academic journals both Marketing and Management, such as Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice and Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management as well as proceedings in multiple marketing and international business conferences, such as AMA Marketer Educators Conference, Academy of Marketing Science Conference, and Academy of International Business conference.He was a research facilitator for a Doctoral Student Association at Old Dominion University. He was nominated for Adjunct Faculty Award and also received the most Outstanding Doctoral Student Award in Marketing in 2011.His teaching experiences include traditional classroom and long distance set up via satellite in a variety of classes related to his interest. He is teaching principles of marketing and consumer behavior classes this fall. He currently lives in downtown Des Moines.

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