Daryl Sasser

Assistant Professor of History, Assistant Director of Iowa History Center, Director of Sustainability Studies Program

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Mary Berry Hall 221
Ph.D., History of Christianity, Union Presbyterian Seminary, 2010
M.A., American and New England Studies, University of Southern Maine, 1999
B.A., History, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, 1992

A check arrives in my mailbox at the end of the month and I am surprised everytime. I keep forgetting I get paid. I pay to do things that are less fun than my job. I read really interesting books and then I tell people what I think about them. They, in turn, tell me what they think and then we encourage each other to go on or we yell at each other because we disagree. For this, I get paid. Once when I was vexed at some vocational minutiae my wife suggested I get a job in a different field. As we were walking I literally stopped in my tracks. I could not think of doing anything else. That was years ago and the only alternative I have come up with since then is fishing, and I can’t figure out how to get paid for that.

I teach classes about the history of the United States, the environment and Western Civilization. I mostly use old, difficult books and the Socratic Method. When the weather is not too cold and classes aren’t in session I go fishing.

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