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I am a 1966 graduate of Simpson College and have been at Simpson for 49 years if my college days are included with my years on the faculty. My wife Julie graduated from Simpson as have three of my children, Jason, Jackie and Chad.
BA Simpson College in 1966
MA University of Iowa in 1970
Ph.D. Mississippi State University in 1974

My wife Julie and I are both graduates of Simpson College as are three of our four children. My twin brother and I played football at Simpson during our four years as undergraduates. We graduated from Simpson in 1966, with Floyd going on to medical school while I attended graduate school. My Ph.D. is in sociology of deviant behavior and I have been a criminologist since my return to Simpson as a faculty member in 1970.

The criminal justice program at Simpson has grown dramatically at Simpson from 2 when I arrived on the faculty to 100 undergraduate students today. In 2009 we enrolled the first graduate students in criminal justice and today the number enrolled is approximately 30.

Working with criminal justice students at Simpson and development of the criminal justice program has been a passion of mine since joining the faculty. It is great to be at a place where coming to work each morning is still something I look forward to after 42 years on the job.

In addition to my work at Simpson, I enjoy time and travel spent with family (Julie, children, children-in-law, and grandchildren), fishing, and biking the trail between Indianola and Carlisle.

See you in class.

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