Ginger Hermon '15

Admissions Representative - Continuing & Graduate Programs

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WDM Campus 11
B.A. Simpson College 2015

Success at Any Age!… Being both an employee and former student at Simpson College, I have a unique insight with prospective students. I understand first-hand returning to higher education can be a scary prospect. Taking classes at Simpson has been beneficial in my Admissions Specialist role. As I help recruit, I am able to share my personal experiences from the classroom. This testimony, passion and pride for Simpson allows prospective students to have faith that they, too, can have an incredible Simpson Experience.

Only 25% of Iowans 25 years and older currently have an associate or BA degree. This represents a serious gap between demand of employers and supply of degree candidates. In the competitive workforce, earning a degree at Simpson College can set a person apart when applying for jobs.

Simpson understands going back to school or starting for the first time isn’t a decision taken lightly. We celebrate this decision and commend you for considering Simpson College. Finishing your degree is a significant milestone in your life. We promise to do our best in providing a welcoming, reassuring spirit as you pursue your academic goals.

Please e-mail me if you are intersted in exploring options at Simpson!


Ginger Hermon

’15 Simpson College

Magna Cum Laude

Alpha Sigma Lambda

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