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MWF 8:00am – 4:30pm
Fridays in Smith Chapel
B.A., Simpson College

As a recent alum of Simpson College, I am incredibly fortunate to start my professional career in the place that played a major role in helping me discern my passion in life. My story parallels many of the stories of the students with whom I now work. When I began my time at Simpson, I was determined to be a high school math teacher. Clearly, that is not where I ended up. Though I loved math, I also had a strong interest in serving and hearing people’s stories.  Through a number of different experiences including serving regularly at the Catholic Worker House, participating in the Wesley Service Scholarship, spending a semester abroad in Thailand, interning at a refugee resettlement agency, and becoming highly involved in the Religious Life Community, I realized that I was being called in a different direction. This change in calling led me to pursue majors in religion and sociology, where I was able to dig deeper into what I saw as the major issues in our society and the world.

CVIL was a major part in helping me determine what I felt called to do with my life during my time at Simpson and even still as the Service Coordinator/Chapel Assistant. Through challenging me with questions like “What makes you angry?” and “What can’t you not do?”, CVIL guided me to find out what I am truly passionate about.  Now, I get to ask those questions to Simpson students as they discern their vocations.

As I continue to learn about and focus on my passions in life, I enjoy a number of things including traveling, playing soccer, spending time with family and friends, reading, and staying involved in my community.

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