Office Hours:
Office location: Mary Berry 403
BS in Psychology, Iowa State University, 2005
MS in Psychology, Iowa State University, 2011
Certificate in Quantitative Psychology, Iowa State University, 2013
Graduate Student Teaching Certificate, Iowa State University, 2014

I became interested in social psychology in high school with my first psychology class.  My fascination with people and why they do what they do has only grown since then!  I am especially interested in the area of close relationships—how we interact with each other in intimate relationships like those between family members, friends, or romantic partners.  In the classes I teach, I help students think critically about our own and others’ behavior.  I have taught Introduction to Psychology, Psychology of Gender / Psychology of Women (similar course, different institutions), and Psychological Research II.

In my free time, I love yogging (with a soft ‘j’), cooking, getting caught up on TV shows on Netflix, and all things Halloween-related, especially costume parties.

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