Marty Feeney

Day Adjunct, Head Speech Coach

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McNeill Hall 4
Office Hours:
Gaumer 108
Office Hours
MWF 3-4:30 p.m.
T/R 1-3 p.m.
Ph.D/M.A.Bowling Green State University
B.A. Boston College

Pat, Susan and Marty (2012)
The hottest St. Patrick’s Day race ever.
Does this look like March?
The Kenyans complained!


I like teaching at Simpson College because everyone from
President Simmons-who has more energy than a
nuclear power plant

to the guy working to fix my office door,
to the students serving muffins and cappuccino
in Dirlam Lounge,

to the spacious professional architecture of the
Kent Campus Center,

to librarian Mary Peterson who teaches 21st century research skills,
to the friendly IT staff,

to registrar Jody Ragan who applies three dimensional chess to
schedules and rooms and majors and requirements shifting
at the speed of Einstein,

to the sun-filled mid-campus benches where time slows to
a voice pitching opera,
to a piano banging-out Chopin,
to a clarinet soothing-out Stranger on the Shore…

Everyone I meet here
helps Simpson College students
not only put a dent in the universe
but to remake it,
re-energize it,
renew it.

Bowling Green State University
Interpersonal Communication and Public Communication

Boston College (B.A.)
Communication and Theatre Studies

charlie noodle
My Pal Charlie Noodle

My Courses at Simpson College

Introduction to Communication and Media Studies
“To obliterate the unwitting and unquestioning
acceptance and absorption of our ubiquitous
symbolic environment.”


Public Speaking
“Personal speaking in a public space.”


“There is more similarity in the marketing challenge of selling
a precious painting by Degas and a frosted mug of root beer
than you ever thought possible.”
-A. Alfred Taubman


Advertising’s Greatest Hits Assignment
We learn by studying how the best companies
with the best brands advertise. Beginning
Feb. 20 our eight advertising firms will present
the best ad ideas from our best companies.

The focus is on the best advertising concepts
strategies specifically for targeted audiences.

It’s like a CSI show; take it apart, identify its
features, evaluate the effects. Rely upon analyses
from your own brainy configurations and of course
published analyses.

Your eight minute presentations should WOW us.


Gender Race Class in Media
“Radio, television, film and other products of media
culture provide materials out of which we forge our
very identities, our sense of selfhood, our notion of
what it means to be male or female, our sense of class,
of ethnicity and race, of nationality, of sexuality; and of
‘us’ and ‘them.’ Media images help shape our view of the
world and our deepest values: what we consider good
or bad, positive or negative, moral or evil.”
-Douglas Kellner


Research in Media and Communication Studies
Why this course called research?

My main objective or super objective is to light-up and
launch and redefine research the way PBS Sherlock
reinvented Sherlock Holmes.

I want to take it out of Plato’s cave and the mystery people in
white lab coats, and the James Bond villain stereotypes
(Dr. NO/Blofeld), and the hyperventilated vocabulary
lathered and blathered in ambiguity and the unfunky boredom
of the talky-talk classroom so that



Interpersonal Communication
Relational Competence
This course is an attempt to provide a sketch with a picture,
a blueprint, guiding principles, comparisons, moments of
analysis, moments of introspection, attribution, recollection,
the applications of specific theories, factors, insights to avoid
stumbling into the relationship abyss we call home.

Small Group Communication


Christmas 2013
Went to the Music Box Theatre in Chicago to see White Christmas
with Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye and Rosemary Clooney in glorious
VistaVision color. Never knew it was in color.

No color TV set until 1983.

Crystalline sharp print, HD insatiable, Avatar without the crayons,
Citizen Kane without the Xanadu, Casablanca without the Major Strasser.

My measure for a real movie theatre? Do they sell Snowcaps? No Snowcaps
NOT a real movie theatre, just an imposter, a poseur, a faker, a doppelganger.


SUDDENLY my daughter Caroline handed me a box of Snowcaps
from the concession stand. Rob gave me a big cup of hot chocolate.

YES A REAL MOVIE THEATRE. No heat, we froze with a
Snowcaps grin!

Courses at the Dutch college for 21 years

Understanding Mass Media
Introduction to Journalism
History of American Film
History and Criticism of Late Night Talk Shows
Film Criticism
Television Criticism/The X-Files

A Submarine
Service veteran (George C. Marshall 654 SSBN)
“Polaris, when you want to send the very best.”

Sixteen nuclear missiles

I love the pizazzzzz
and creativity of Simpson College students.

photo by Walter Lain

Teaching Probes

I invite colleagues
and off-campus professionals to judge
end-of-semester projects, the students do amazing
tech-splendid real world presentations.

In our research class (Jazmin) tells us about Whangdoodles
and her elementary school research.

Alexander Parrish
from Quester (a marketing firm) visits my
classes and WOWs the students with strategies and case
studies from today’s marketing galaxy.

Alexander Parrish

My advertising students create hilarious commercials on YouTube.
What little talent I have gets a big boost from Simpson College students.

My latest marketing class divides into four teams and competes in
“Epic Battle of the Marketing Firms 27″


Surf Dawgs Won with the Blue Banana Campaign


Blue Banana Smoothies Shop Facebook page

Bruce Thome (Incomparable Strategizer)
Amy Palmer (Marketing Raconteur)
Lya Rivers     (Graphics Intellectual and Big Picture Genius)

arrow-heart-shaped-right22Personal Stuff


I compete
in the Iowa Senior Olympics (swimming, track and field,
basketball, football, softball, soccer, volleyball, tennis, badminton
In 2014 competition happiest  about won silver  medals in  free throw shooting
and standing long jump.

Won 90 medals since 2007.

Finished last in a number of events too (400 m).
Just learned how to swim the butterfly stroke.

I waited long enough.

Married to
marathon runner Susan Eggert (Inga Strawberry in the film world).
She is an IT architect at Principal Financial.

Inga would star with George Clooney, if asked, and play backup for
Bruce Springsteen.

Inga Strawberry

Rob graduated from ISU and lives in Dallas, Works at  FXCM.

graduated from The School of Journalism/University of Mizzou.
Associate editor #2 on masthead for two magazines in Jacksonville.



I hope to
digitize 43 short films I directed in graduate school
when we were still using splice tape and a movieola. I better
get started before the format changes again!

Working on a story called “Lost in Space with Sally Ride.”

My Three Favorite Research Scholar Presentations

The Art of Criticism Toward the 21st Century-Art for Art’s Sake:
Interpreting Rock Music, the Novel and Film”

National Popular Culture Convention
San Antonio, Texas

Hello Darkness My Old Friend, I’ve Come to Talk With You Again:
Interpreting Visions Not so Softly Creeping in The X-Files”

Southwest Popular Culture Conference
Texas Tech University

“Dreams in a Hat Box, Cactus Rose on a Coffin:
The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance-A Cinema of Splendor in the Grass”
American West Film, Television and History Conference
Kansas City, Missouri



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