Murphy Waggoner '09

Professor of Mathematics

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Carver Science 339

Hi.  My name is Murphy Waggoner, and I have been a professor at Simpson for 20 years.  While I’m a mathematician, my emphasis is on teaching and applications of mathematics.  Lately I have been involved with combining my love of math and my love of art.  Last May I taught a Mathematics of Art course and had a great time.  I hope the students did, too, and I can’t wait to teach it again.

A couple of years ago I finished a Spanish degree as well (so I am a Simpson grad!)  I am going to strengthen my Spanish speaking and listening skills while I lead a group of students on a semester abroad to Argentina in Spring 2014.  If you’re interested in participating, contact me.

One of my responsibilities is as the director of the Interdisciplinary Studies Program through which students earn an Independent Interdisciplinary major, a program where students build their own major that addresses an important question or theme.  Refer to our page and our current majors to see what our students have done.

I have a part-time adminstrative position as the Director of Academic Assessment.  In the past 4 years I have worked with the rest of the faculty on building the Engaged Citizenship Curriculum, and I am excited to see it in action and working with the faculty on ensuring that it is a strong program that fosters student success at Simpson and after.

I hope I get a chance to meet you on campus.  My office is in Carver.  Stop by sometime and introduce yourself!

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