I have now been at Simpson College for over 20 years teaching mathematics and have enjoyed every minute of it.  I derive most of my pleasure from the accomplishments of our current and former students and having the opportunity to work with my great colleagues in the department.  I have enjoyed working with students both in and out of the classroom setting.  One of the activites outside the classroom involve the mentoring of students in undergraduate research.  I have introduced many students over the past few years to Game Theory models and their applications to evolution and decision making.  Right now my main focus is looking at game theory models that provide insight into the evolution of human cooperation.  It will take a great deal of human cooperation to solve many of the complex global challenges facing the world moving forward.

Outside of Simpson College I enjoy following my favorite professional sports teams the Vikings in the fall and the Cubs during the summer.  I also am very passionate about upland game hunting spending a great deal of time chasing the rooster pheasent in the winter and fall and old tom turkey in the spring.  Over the years I have shared my passion for these pursuits with many of my students.  These expereinces have provided me some of my greatest memories.

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