Steve Duffy

Research Librarian (Systems/Instruction)

Phone Number:
Office Location:
Dunn Library
M.L.I.S. – Dominican University (1993)
M.A. – University of Chicago (1976)
B.A. – Fordham University (1971)

I live in Ankeny with my wife and two sons.  Before coming to Iowa we lived in Chicago and I worked at the University of Chicago library.  I am the consulting librarian for departments in the Humanities and Natural Sciences divisions, and I am responsible for cataloging and technical services at Dunn Library.  I can be reached in person at the library, or by phone, or by email, and enjoy trying to help with any research or library questions you may have.  Some of the recent research topics I’ve worked on with students include:  prohibition of cartoon images of Muhammad, Mary the elephant, training in a Swim Ex pool, Islamic banking, authorship of Paul’s epistles, the Hindu practice of Sati, stage images from commedia dell’Arte.  No question is too big or too small!

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