Steve Rose

Adjunct Faculty

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515 979 2351
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Hillman Hall 308
Doctorate in Administration, Curriculum, and Instruction, University of Nebraska, 1992
Masters in English Education, Kearney State College, 1978
Bachelors in English and Sociology, Kearney State College, 1976

I’ve been teaching someone something for the last forty years, minus a semester when I ventured into the world of advertising and found I hated it, and missed the multi-faceted, human-centered profession of teaching.  During that time I’ve taught learners ranging from middle school students to Masters of Arts candidates, and also worked briefly with the individuals with intellectual disabilities.  In the k—12 world I taught English and journalism and a little bit of social studies.  I also ran a school for dropouts in Lexington, Nebraska, where I was also the school district’s curriculum coordinator.

I taught three years at Sterling College in Kansas after I received my doctorate in Administration, Curriculum, and Instruction from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln in 1992.  At Sterling I worked with students in the secondary ed. program and taught “Introduction to Teaching” courses.  I came to Simpson in 1995.  Here I teach undergraduate and graduate “Foundations of Education” courses, facilitate a general secondary level “methods” course at both levels, and  coordinate the work of master teachers from surrounding schools we employ to teach our “content-specific” secondary methods courses, e.g. “how to teach natural science.”.  This last task involves a program unique to Iowa, if not the nation; and we are very proud of it.  These methods courses involve practica experiences for our students so I spend many hours, and miles, supervising these students and giving them feedback on their lessons.  Last, I work with our MAT candidates as they prepare to write their masters’ comps, and complete their masters’ projects.

I strongly believe in serving the community that provides me community, and I’ve served on a number of boards and task forces at the city, county, and state levels.  Currently, I’m on the board that governs Heartland Area Education Agency, an intermediate education agency that serves over 139,000 students in the greater Des Moines metro area and nearby rural communities.

My scholarly interests revolve around the affective domain, and I’ve research and published on these subjects:  at-risk students, character education, and the nurturance of appropriate professional dispositions in teachers-to be. This last topic is a particular passion of mine.  In addition I stay active in my first intellectual love, creative writing; and publish and publicly read my poetry.

I am married to the wonderful artist and academician Mary Susan Jones, who chairs the art department at Grand View University in Des Moines.  Between us we have four adult progeny:  Shan, Risa, Sarah, and Caroline.  Their careers and interests are as divergent as their personalities, but all are doing well, and all are dearly loved.

Last, I am a country boy at heart, and am never happier than when pedaling my bike down a bike trail or backroad blacktop; or casting for bass in a tucked-away farm pond.


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