For the last twenty years, I’ve moved around through five different states attending school and working for various organizations.  I value and appreciate all the wonderful experiences but feel blessed to be settled now in Iowa where my husband and I plan to grow roots and raise our two children among the ‘fields of opportunities!’

I have a B.S. in Psychology from South Dakota State University and both a M.S. (Concentration in Health/Health, Physical Education & Recreation) and Ed.D. (Concentration in Health/Adult & Higher Education) from the University of South Dakota.  After brief stints working in wellness and fundraising, I spent six years in public health with the Nebraska Health & Human Services System (NHHSS) and Minnesota Department of Health (MDH).  I accepted a call to return to the classroom at Messiah College in Grantham, PA for the next three years where I served as an Assistant Professor of Health Education and later an Evaluation Consultant on a USDHHS Health Resources Services & Administration (HRSA) grant project.  After arriving in Iowa four years ago, I began helping as a part-time Program Development Consultant in Health & Public Services on DMACC’s Ankeny Campus during the creation of four new associate degree health programs, allowing me the luxury of extra time with our two small children.

Now that we live near Indianola, I am excited to have the opportunity to return to the classroom as an Adjunct Professor with an institution that values each student and the journey associated with helping individuals find their true vocation in life.  As you might expect, I’m a forever fan of public health and will do whatever I can to be a part of the solutions in progress to help promote good health in our communities!

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