Success Story- Amelia Blair

I graduated from Simpson in 2015. Currently, I am a full time student at Allen College of Nursing, and working part-time at Allen Hospital as a student nurse technician. Attending Simpson College allowed me to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree and then move forward with the Accelerated BSN program at Allen College where I will complete my BSN in just 15 months, rather than 2 ½ years. At Simpson, I really appreciated how friendly all the professors and staff were and how much they wanted me to succeed. These relationships allowed me to grow and become more apt to pursue goals.


Pre-Nursing Program

Simpson College has a formal partnership with Allen College of Nursing in Waterloo, Iowa to provide a 3+1 program in nursing. The agreement allows students to attend Simpson College for three years during which time they must complete a major in Biology (or another approved major) and Simpson’s general education requirements.

Students who meet Allen College admissions requirements are ensured entry into Allen College’s 15 month accelerated nursing program which begins during May Term of the student’s third year. Upon completion of the nursing program students will receive a B.A. from Simpson College and a B.S.N. from Allen College. Contact the director of the Pre-Nursing Program at Simpson College Dr. Pat Singer for details.

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