A student may add and drop courses during the add/drop period of each term.  The Business Office and Financial Assistance Office will establish a student’s tuition charges and financial assistance based on the student’s enrollment status at the end of the add/drop period.  After the add/drop period has expired, tuition charge and financial assistance will not be adjusted for courses dropped, except in the case of a complete withdrawal.  Tuition adjustments for courses added will continue throughout the term.


A student who drops a course after the first class meeting will be eligible for a 100% refund.  A student who drops a course after attending 25% or less of class meetings will be eligible for a 75% refund.  A student who drops a course after attending more than 25% of class meetings will not be eligible for a refund.  Students are responsible for dropping their own courses.

Please Note:  students enrolled primarily in the full-time traditional day classes who take one or two classes from the shorter module terms or Saturday classes will always follow the add/drop period and tuition refund policy for the traditional semester long courses, meaning they will have the traditional add/drop period to adjust their schedules with out tuition penalty and no changes in financial aid or charges will occur after the add/drop period has expired.

Adjustments due to Complete Withdrawal from the College:

A student interested in withdrawing from Simpson College should file a withdrawal form in the Office of the Dean of Students, and make an appointment with the Office of Financial Assistance.

Simpson College engages faculty and staff members in advance for a full academic year. Many other expenses for maintaining the College are likewise commitments of one or more years into the future. Therefore, a student who withdraws does not reduce materially the costs of operating the College.

A student who withdraws before the 60 percent point in time in the term will receive a refund in tuition, room, board and fees. The amount of the refund is based upon the percentage of the term that has not been completed. Financial aid will be refunded to federal, state and Simpson programs based on the same percentage. Stated simply, a student who withdraws after completing 20 percent of the term will be charged 20 percent of the applicable tuition, room, board and fees and would retain 20 percent of their financial aid. If funds have been released to the student because of a credit balance on the student’s account, the student may be required to repay a portion of the federal grant released to the student. Examples of the application of the refund policy are available upon request in the Office of Financial Assistance.

After the 60 percent point in the term, no refund will be granted nor will financial aid be reduced. The portion of the term completed is based on calendar days from the first day of the term through the last scheduled day of finals, including weekends and breaks that are fewer than five days in length.

Students who do not go through the “official” withdrawal process (i.e., leave campus without filing withdrawal papers) will be deemed to have attended through the mid-point in the term, unless the last date of attendance can be documented, and will have their charges and financial aid adjusted accordingly.

This policy is subject to federal regulations. Contact the Office of Financial Assistance for details and to learn of any changes to this policy.


Room Refunds:

Refunds on rooms may be given in the case of a student who, due to illness or other imperative reasons, officially withdraws from the College. No room is refunded after the 60 percent point in the term.

Board Refunds:

Board cancellations are effective one day after notifying the Office of Student Development. Board charges are refunded on a pro-rata basis. No refunds will be issued for unused Flex dollars at any time. No board is refunded after the 60 percent point in the term.

May Term Board Refunds:

May Term board charges will be refunded for students taking their first or second May Term  Please click on the form for details. To apply for a board refund, sign and return the form, to the business office by May 2, 2016.

May Term Travel Course Refund Policy:

Students are responsible for all direct costs incurred by the College after the payment of the non-refundable application fee. To the extent possible, course instructors and Simpson College will attempt to secure a partial refund for students who withdraw from the program at least 90 days prior to departure and provide written notice of such to the International Education Coordinator. The partial refund to the student will be calculated by Simpson College on an individual student basis and will amount to a maximum of 50% of the direct costs incurred by the College that are recoverable. Within 90 days of the program’s departure, no refund will be calculated or due.

In case of hardship or unforeseen circumstances, the student may appeal the refund calculated per above by providing written notice of appeal to the International Education Coordinator. The appeal will be reviewed by a committee. All decisions made by the appeals committee are final.

If the May Term travel course is canceled by the College due to uncontrollable circumstances such as acts of war, health risks in the host country, U.S. State Department warnings, or any other reason, the College cannot guarantee, but will attempt to secure a partial refund of the final payment.