Tuition Payment Plan

Administered by Higher One
Phone: (800) 635-0120

The College offers a monthly payment plan for those who prefer to budget the annual cost of tuition, room, board and fees in monthly installments.

The Tuition Payment Plan is administered by Higher One and provides a way to pay educational expenses through manageable monthly installments. The Tuition Payment Plan may be tailored to cover all or part of the financial obligations for the academic year. It is not a loan. Thus, there are no interest charges. The only cost is an annual non-refundable enrollment fee of $55 for the year. With the Plan, monthly installments can be automatically deducted from a designated checking account or charged to a credit card (a convenience fee will be charged for credit card payments.) This eliminates the worry of remembering to make payments each month and avoids the assessment of late fees. Of course, monthly installments can be billed directly. Prepayments may occur at any time without penalty.

Enrollment information and application is available here. Questions regarding the Tuition Payment Plan may be directed to the Business Office.