Eberhart Student Investment Organization

This program, referred to as ESAF in the Simpson College catalogue, is an opportunity for students to invest real money in the financial markets.  The investment funds are part of the College endowment.  The program was initially financed by E. Kingman and Lola Eberhart in the early 1980’s.  Continuing enhancement of the principle of the fund has been provided by the Eberhart family and the Wilson Trust.

Students who wish to participate must first take Economics 337, Investments and Securities Markets.  After this introductory finance course, they are eligible for four semesters of ESAF, Economics 338.  Students in this second class do research and make presentations on what to add to or subtract from the ESAF portfolio and monitor the many financial assets already in it.  Eligible assets include stocks, bonds, options and options on futures.  In its last competitive outing at the University of Dayton, the ESAF program and its students placed third in the category of value oriented investments and sixth overall among eighty schools.

A copy of the holdings of the portfolio is available by contacting Todd Kielkopf at todd.kielkopf@simpson.edu .