Can You See What I’m Saying?

Simpson Colloquium SC 101 – Can You See What I’m Saying?

Art has been a major force in shaping our thoughts and lives from the beginning of recorded time. As humans, our first communications were paintings on cave walls. These works of art are the beginning of our discovery of art. We will explore visual elements of art, properties of various media, major historical styles, and the purposes of art in society. We will critically analyze works of art through readings, videos, and discussions about how to interpret possible meanings the art is conveying. As part of the class, we will attend Simpson Forum events related to the arts and all the Farnham Gallery artists’ presentations. We will also visit Des Moines Art Center and Pappajohn Sculpture Park to study public art installations.

Meet Your ProfessorDavid-Richmond

David Richmond, M.A., MFA

Professor of Art

David Richmond, Professor of Art at Simpson College, has enjoyed wide-ranging experiences in graphic design, photography and visual storytelling over his 30-year professional career.

His academic teaching background includes photography and design at the University of Iowa College of Art and Art History; graphic design at Dickinson University in North Dakota; and art and photography at Simpson College in Indianola, Iowa. At Dickinson University, Prof. Richmond developed the institution’s first graphic design program.

Always curious and eager to inspire students, Prof. Richmond most recently led two different Simpson groups to China and to Ireland for photographic tours of those countries. He also led a committee that successfully acquired an NEA grant for Simpson College.

Prof. Richmond received his bachelor of fine arts, a master of arts and a master of fine arts from the University of Iowa.

Meet Your SC LeaderScreen Shot 2014-03-07 at 8.33.06 AM

Kaitlyn Van Patten 


My name is Kat Van Patten. I was raised in Indianola, along with an older brother and two cats. I will be a senior this fall. I plan to graduate in May 2015 with a double major in Graphic Design and Studio Art with a concentration in drawing. I will be your Simpson Colloquium Leader for Professor Richmond’s Simpson Colloquium course.

I attended Indianola High School where I played golf and soccer. I was also very involved in French Club, Theater, Service Corps, 4H, choir, Art Club, orchestra, amongst many other things. At Simpson I am active in different organizations, including being president for Simpson’s art club. When I have free time I love to work on artwork, go running, go for walks, watch movies, listen to music, spend time with my friends, and meditate.

I am a very open-minded person, creative, outgoing, and really enjoy meeting new people. My goal is to make all of you feel comfortable here on campus. Simpson has a lot to offer each of you in your time here and I hope I can do my part in helping you the best that I can. I am on Facebook, Twitter, and of course, email. Don’t hesitate to add me, follow me, or shoot me an email (Students and parents alike!) I would love to get to know each of you. I look forward to meeting you in June!

Meet Your Writing FellowIMG_7907

Maria Claussen


My name is Maria Claussen. I will be a sophomore during the 2014-2015 academic year, and will be the Writing Fellow for Professor Dave Richmond’s Simpson Colloquium course. I am an Art major and would love to go into art after I graduate from Simpson. My goal in life is to make art that makes people think twice, art that affects people in ways they never imagined.

I was born and raised in Iowa, and I love it here. I tend to be quiet until I get to know you, and then sometimes I just never stop talking! In high school, I was super involved. I was in color guard, show choir, choir, art, cross country, track, speech, and musicals. I also had a job my junior and senior year, and I was involved with church and youth group, so I definitely had a lot to balance!

At Simpson, I am on the cross country team and I train with the track team for the next xc season. I also work at Sports Page a couple miles off campus, so time management is super important for me. Between classes, homework, practice, and work, I love to spend time with my friends and go to Salt. I’m a sucker for board and card games, so my friends and I end up playing cribbage and other games a lot.

I love to help people, and I am always there if you need me. I’ll be in class to help with your writing, so don’t hesitate to ask me questions or Facebook me!


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