Graduate School Resources

Des Moines University Visit Day information, July 24, 2015

Preparing for Graduate School

  • Advice for undergraduates considering graduate school by Phil Agre.
  • The Simpson Writing Center, Hawley Center, faculty and our staff will assist you in writing your graduate school essay.
  • Grad Source will provide you with information about graduate school programs.
  • is another site that is helpful for researching graduate school programs and a valuable timetable to help you with the application process.
  • Petersons is Your Comprehensive Guide to College Information.
  • Check for additional graduate school fairs of interest at sites such as Virtual Career Fair Events.

CV – Curriculum Vitae

A CV is similar to a resume in that is is a document listing your accomplishments.  The difference is that a CV is used in more of an academic or research based setting.   CVs should be used to apply to graduate school or research based programs. Below are a few resources that can be helpful in creating a CV.