CO-OP 319: Internship

If you would like to earn academic credit for an internship, you must register for CO-OP 319 before beginning your internship experience; the course is meant to be taken at the same time as your internship. Enrollment in CO-OP 319 is typically restricted to sophomores, juniors, and seniors, but exceptions for freshmen students may be made on a case-by-case basis with faculty approval.

How many credits you can earn for each internship depends on the number of hours you will be on-site at the internship and the number of hours of academic work you will complete for your faculty supervisor. Each academic credit requires a minimum of 30 hours on-site at your internship and 5 hours of academic work as assigned by your faculty supervisor. For example:

  • 1 credit = min. 30 hours on-site and 5 hours of academic work
  • 2 credits = min. 60 hours on-site and 10 hours of academic work
  • 3 credits = min. 90 hours on-site and 15 hours of academic work
  • 4 credits = min. 120 hours on-site and 20 hours of academic work
  • …and so on; you can earn up to 16 credits total for internships before graduating

All required hours must be completed during the term of enrollment in order to receive credit; hours completed before or after the term of enrollment do not count.

To successfully enroll in and complete CO-OP 319, you will need to secure an internship, find a faculty supervisor, complete the required paperwork, participate in a reflection session, and fill out a self-evaluation at the conclusion of your internship. The required registration paperwork includes: (1) a registration form, (2) an experiential activity agreement, and (3) a learning plan.

Download the CO-OP 319 Registration Packet by clicking here; includes required forms and course checklist.

For more information and assistance with the CO-OP 319 enrollment process, please contact Bobbi Meyer,, (515) 961-1372.