Since chemistry and physics are experimental sciences, students in the department are encouraged to participate in research projects. The department supports an active research program involving students. Students may start participating in research as soon as they are interested and ready. Students may also elect to receive credit for research off campus in industrial, governmental, university, or medical laboratories.

The department has lab space dedicated to student research, which provides not only bench space, but also “office” space for several students who register for separate research credit.

In chemistry:  The primary focus has been on adopting DNA nanotechnology for use as a nanoscale computer, but there are many facets to the research, so a student can be involved with analysis, synthesis, testing, design of new compounds, or other aspects. Some research is coordinated with similar work at major universities in other states.

In physics:  Students are currently working on developing laser systems for high-resolution laser spectroscopy of atoms and molecules.