Forensic Science/Biochemistry

The forensic science/biochemistry major is intended to prepare you for entry-level jobs in labs performing forensic analyses, or for graduate work in forensic science, or to provide a good foundation for advanced degree work in areas such as chemistry, biochemistry, forensics, molecular or cell biology, or related technology fields.


  • You will engage in hands-on experiences in the George Washington Carver Science Center featuring biotechnology facilities for building and using recombinant DNA, imaging systems for developmental biology and a human cadaver lab.
  • You will have an inside edge with Simpson’s proximity to Iowa’s capital city, Des Moines for working beside expert forensic scientists through professional internships.
  • Simpson College is one of fewer than 50 colleges or universities in the country and one of only a few schools in Iowa to offer a forensic science degree.

Recent Jobs and Internships

  • Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation
  • Des Moines Police Department
  • Iowa Board of Medical Examiners

Course Requirements:

  • Chem 101 General Chemistry I
  • Chem 102 General Chemistry II
  • Chem 201 Organic Chemistry I
  • Biology 111 Principles of Biology II
  • Biology 360 Molecular Genetics
  • Biology 135 Biostatistics
  • Chem 309 Introduction to Forensic Science
  • Biol/Chem 319 Internship
  • Biol/Chem 387 Capstone Course
Choose one of the following:
  • Chem 307 Instrumental Analysis
  • Chem 205 Quantitative Analysis
Electives-Choose three courses from the following:
  • Chem 205 Quantitative Analysis (if not used above)
  • Chem 307 Instrumental Analysis (if not used above)
  • Chem 202 Organic Chemistry
  • Chem 330 Biochemistry
  • Biol 334 Cellular Biology
  • CJ 220 Criminal Justice Systems
  • CJ 222 Criminal Investigations and Law Enforcement
  • CJ 343 Criminology
To increase your competitiveness for employment or for students planning on going to graduate school in a field related to biochemistry/forensics science, it is recommended to take at least 2 additional electives selected from the following:
  • Biol 225 Physiology
  • Biol 251 Microbiology
  • Biol 340 Immunology
  • Chem 301 Physical Chemistry
  • Biol/Chem 398 Independent Research
And all of the supporting courses listed below:
  • Phil 250 Applied Ethics
  • Math 151 Calculus I
  • Math 152 Calculus II
  • Physics 151/152 or 191/192