What our Alumni Say


Tammy Evrard

 "Always be forward thinking. My career has been a marathon, not a sprint, and my professors at Simpson prepared me to look a few miles ahead, not just a few feet. Learn from those around you, teach and mentor those below you, and always strive to do better than your best with a smile!" -- Tammy Evrard '05, Midwest Sales Manager with OWN/Oprah.com





Emily Beckmann


"My time at Simpson College gave me the experience, the confidence and the diverse skill set to begin my career in the professional world. I really appreciate Simpson's small class sizes, the enthusiastic professors and the professional connections I've made post-graduation from Simpson." -- Emily Beckmann '09, Account Manager at Lessing-Flynn Advertising







Bryan Geelan


"The biggest benefits I took away from my time at Simpson didn't come from a textbook, but from real-world applications. In addition to working as a writer and editor for the Simpsonian, I was fortunate enough to land two great internships. These experiences helped shape my career path and prepared me for the fast-paced world of athletic media relations. My professors at Simpson helped me realize the importance of my experiences in and out of the classroom." -- Bryan Geelan '07, Athletics Communications Director at Simpson College






"Simpson College gave me the skills to be an analytical thinker. Simply processing or understanding something isn’t enough. You need to push yourself to look above and beyond what’s in front of you – to always ask the whats, the whys, and the hows. In my career, having that expertise is what helps build the foundation for every digital product I create. After graduating from Simpson, I was prepared for the challenges of this demanding profession. " -- Nicki Rusinack '04, User Experience Lead at Threespot in Washington, DC




Hannah Pickett


"Simpson College truly gave me what I needed to succeed. The professors in the communication department worked with me both in and outside of class to help me achieve my goals. Specifically, to help create opportunities through internships with television stations in Des Moines, which ultimately led to me landing a full time television job before graduating.

Simpson is a great place to learn and to grow, both as a student and as an individual. Staff will do all they can to give you the wings you need to succeed; you just have to fly." -- Hannah Pickett '10,Television Reporter for KETV, the ABC affiliate, and top-rated station Omaha, Nebraska, specializing in crime, court, and investigative stories



Sylvia Koss


"Being an integrated marketing communication major has opened a number of doors for me. With this program, I have not only learned the basic principles of communications and marketing, but also learned how to apply them in real world situations. At Simpson, not only do you gain experience within the classroom by being actively involved with professional clients or working for the campus newspaper, but also in the community by gaining internship experience in any industry imaginable." -- Sylvia Koss '12, Integrated Marketing Communication Major





Grant Rodgers


"The digital media skills that were emphasized in my journalism classes at Simpson have been essential in my duties as a former intern at the Des Moines Register. I first learned how to use Twitter as a news tool in an introductory class my freshman year. But since, I've used it professionally to cover events from Occupy protests to a medical helicopter crash that killed four people. Without a doubt my experience in the classroom allowed me to be successful as a reporter of real-world breaking news events." -- Grant Rodgers '12 Multimedia Journalism Major and former Simpsonian Editor-in-Chief, reporter for The Des Moines Register






Student Sara Stout
Photo Credit: Luke Behaunek


 "Through my classes I have been challenged with projects tailored to real clients in the community, building my portfolio.  Since Des Moines is so close, the department encourages and assists students with getting internships in their field of study, to gain real world experience." -- Sarah Stout, Integrated Marketing Communication Major