Student Endorsements

Ryan Rohlf

“The Simpson College Communication & Media Studies program has offered me so many opportunities to gain great skills. As an Integrated Marketing Communications Major, my work with The Simpsonian taught me  writing skills, communication skills and sales tactics that have helped me land some great internship experiences. The program really got me thinking about my future, and I am confident that the experiences I have gained will help me as I move into the real world upon graduation next April.” — Ryan Rohlf ’14, Marketing and Integrated Marketing Communications Major




MadisonBoswell (2)“I have had the opportunity to have many internships while in college. They have all been different learning experiences and I have grown so much from working in each capacity. My internship with the Iowa State Fair is definitely the most memorable. My internship with the Blue Ribbon Foundation gave me so much experience. I have also had the opportunity to work for the Simpson Office of Marketing and Public Relations. With a passion for higher education, and a goal to work for a college or university PR department, this experience has been perfect. I have learned so much and have gained great portfolio pieces.” — Madison Boswell ’14, Integrated Marketing Communications Major


aaron“Being a part of Simpson Student Media is the main influencer. I started as a sports reporter my junior year to now being the Sports Content Director as a senior. Winning those two, first-place awards at ICMA last February for my work really sealed the deal on me wanting to be a part of this field and I credit Simpson for the success I’ve had so far. From learning the many skills in news writing and reporting to being as organized and communicable as can be, Simpson provided me with a strong base to work off of and beyond.” — Aaron Young ’14Integrated Marketing Communications Major



Steffi Lee“Being a part of this department has been helpful in kick starting my career. I have had the opportunity to network with different alumni, even from my home state of California. It has been great working with the staff of Simpson Student Media and learning from the faculty members under this department. I’ve learned how to edit video, learned how to write for different media platforms and even held an internship in television news through WHO Channel 13. Simpson College has made it evident to me from the start that they want me to succeed and reach my goals.” — Steffi Lee ’16, Multimedia Journalism Major


Sarina Rhinehart“The Communications and Media Studies Department here at Simpson focuses on having its students apply the knowledge they learn in the classroom to real life situations. In my time at Simpson, I have had the opportunity to partake in experiences that students at big schools can’t. I have had three communications internships, have created various marketing plans for real companies and now serve as Marketing Director for Simpson Student Media. I have confidence that the skills I have learned here at Simpson will carry me into whatever career path I choose. The professors in the department are so willing to help students find internships and careers after college.” — Sarina Rhinehart ’14, Integrated Marketing Communications Major


Megan Quick“Being a part of Simpson Student Media has allowed me to gain valuable work experience that I will be able to apply to my future career. I started reporting and editing for The Simpsonian and now, this year, I’m the editor-in-chief of I.D. Magazine. Being editor is a great way for me to prepare for a future career in the industry and the experience will be a huge step in helping to build my portfolio. Having experience with your college’s student media is extremely valuable and will set you apart in the job search. Simpson Student Media is something every communications student should be involved in and take advantage of.” — Megan Quick ’15, Multimedia Journalism Major